New DLC weapons

I found this on the web

“The other new weapon types include Kerillian finally getting a shield, Kruber getting a spear, Saltzpyre will be able to wield a billhook (and he’ll be able to use it to pull enemies towards him), and Sienna is getting a burning flail (or slaga, if you prefer). More weapon types obviously mean greater opportunities for different characters to fill specific roles and complement each other in more ways than before.”

Here is the link if you want to read through the whole article


Finally i can be a pack master


The new weapons certainly sound interesting. But even though I’ve seen a lot of wishes for Kerillian to get a shield weapon, I’m not sure it fits her general style well, especially considering the shields’ current workings in the game.

I am curious whether Kruber’s spear will differ fundamentally from Kerillian’s and how the billhook and its pulling effect will work, though. I guess we’ll see in few months.


Ooh, I wonder if Kruber’s spear will be the Awl Pike I’ve long suggested? Great find, btw!


If this is accurate then why oh why are they not giving kerillian a new bow… Abit more ranged love is in order.

Yeah, personally I was expecting an Averlorn Bow or an Asrai Javelin.


They’ve spoken about throwing axe for Bardin on Twitch I’ve seen, is it anniversary weapon or also DLC ?
Edit : mb, was said in the link it’s for this DLC.

A bit off topic but do you think we’ll see Power vs Beastmen property ?

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Funny, I just made a post a billhook the other day! I even drew a concept art for one a few months ago. Totes one of the coolest weapons out there.

And yeah, Kerillian and Kruber are much more in need of ranged weapons than melee imo. Both only have 3 if you don’t count career-specific ones. Kerillian in particular lacks variety. I’s just “bow, smaller bow, poofier bow”.

I can’t complain too much, though. The new weapons all sound fun and unique.

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Burning flail for Sienna? Interesting but personally I would prefer a new staff.

Shield on Kerillian already sounds like a wasted opportunity. Give the most mobile character with the best dodge range in the game a shield. Yeah… no thanks.


maybe shield gets buff like more dodge count + dodge range buff

Yep, that’s exactly why I’m suspicious about it too. It could easily break her style, and while more playstyle options is generally a good thing, it’d probably be too big a change if hers works like the other shields.

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sometimes i want to play wood elf’s front troops like eternal guard.

i think it can be fit for her if fatshark buffs shield weapon’s dodge count to 2~3 and dodge mobility

also it will make shield useful for human and dwarf


Coz handmaiden needs more stamina right… :laughing:

I dunno, I’m probably just salty since the elf is blatently OP and they do nothing about it. Anything they add has to compete with already some of the best weapons in the game.

Yeah elf is better all around but i think it is because of vt 2 play style

vt 2 is favored for hit and run style and elf is faster and evasive race

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You mean Salty is OP. Zealot is god mode right now…

The shield on elf could work, perhaps it will be a shield and spear. Or even if it’s something else, the stamina regen on HM would make the class interesting with a shield. You could build for really high stamina regen and block range. And since the HM already has increased dodge distance, the shield could work just fine.

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Yeah zealot is unkillable in normal combat, just doesn’t have that tasty invis for those disabler moments. I’m looking at it from a mainly true solo perspective so a bit skewed from reality. In normal group play zealot is obscene.

I’m salty about elf but you seem salty about salty :smile: inception salt

Not at all. I just did the 100 clears for Zealot and WHC over the past 3 weeks. And both classes are absolutely amazing. I had tons of fun playing them. But to say that Elf is blatantly over powered and not take into account Zealot seems a bit of an oversight.


I want throwing axe badly

It will be dwarven boss dps ranged weapon and i cant wait to see rv’s power

Kruber getting a spear

it’s a matter of taste of course, but… God! The halberd is boring enough and now he’s getting an even more boring weapon… a spear :frowning: