Forgotten Relics DLC

I really like the choice for the Forgotten Relics weapon DLC :sweat_smile: Or the name at least:

  • Kerillian gets a new magical bow
  • Bardin gets an engineering masterpiece of destruction
  • Victor gets a weird mixture of BoPs and shotgun named after a mythological creature
  • Sienna gets a new obscure magical staff
  • Kruber gets a spear & shield which have been forgotten in the badly lit corner of an empire armoury long enough that it technically counts as relic :sweat_smile:

See Sir Kruber, somehow still the Empire Soldier with the most epic equipment.


Oh, yes. What could possibly go wrong.


I’m a little disappointed Kruber didn’t get a ranged weapon but rather another shield weapon; he’s already got a plethora of melee weapons.

The shielded attack is the saving grace for me, could just be a better S&S. (Bashes, sweeps and pokes)


Lets not pay too much attention to how that bow is made to kill things on the side of “order” when there is another one for anti chaos : P

Saw something about that on reddit.


Really still happy how most of the weapons sound on paper. Siennas staff and keris bow especially are my first 2 go to at the the patch day.

Spear and Shield could be great on HS, but if FK gets to use it, I think the Tuskgor Spear should be opened up for him too. Call it a footlance or something.

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I was really hoping for a Huntsman-exclusive quarterstaff, so i could finally make a Robin Hood build.

It’s not good a bit that there are no challenges for unlocking weapons and illusions. It’s enought funny, although I really don’t like the 20-headshot-no-miss challenge.

UPDATE. I watched the video and Spear + Shield looks interesting. Perhaps it will be good for the Mercenary bot (however, it depends on its behavior). Can be a good company for the Ironbreaker bot with an axе + shield.

no crossbow for Krub :frowning:

There are quite enough Crossbow for Kruber to not get one atm,

Cavalry Pistol

Compared to the 2 other Pistols, a Cav Pistol is a heavier, more powerful pistol than Saltz’s one but also slower, needing to be reloaded after each shot

Alchemical Gun

Could be a better fit for Saltz, Nuln engineer have been known to make Phosphorus bullet that either explode on impact or could shoot a stream of fire

Revolving Pistol/Pepperbox Pistol

Unlike the Repeater gun it’s a fast but single shot pistol (Reload time would be quite high)

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I’d rather just give Kruber an outrider pistol with 1H sword.

Outrider Pistol with 1h Sword could be a 2 double spot weapon, I don’t think there is already such a weapon or it would be a Melee weapon set

Saltzpyre has rapier w/ pistol as a melee weapon.

So it wouldn’t be a Ranged weapon (Second Slot)

Unless they permit us to use it as either a First or Second Slot (Eg: Outrider Sword/Pistol and Musket or 2h Hammer and Outrider Sword/Pistol)

Long Drong’s Slayer Pirates weapons please: cutlass+pistol and brace of dwarfs pirate pistols for Bardin Slayer. :pirate_flag:

Just saw a video showcasing the attacks of the spear&shield, and I did not see a bash… would make it useless in my book really. Don’t need to block AND attack at the same time, when you can stomp enemies on the ground with a proper bash. Honestly Sword&S just needs a finesse buff (like 1h sword got in the BBB) and that might make the spear&shield obsolete altogether. Then they could’ve added a new range weapon. Remember that Krubs didn’t get a ranged weapon for the premium grail knight and he is already lacking variety in his ranged arsenal

Why would you want to umgak pirate Pistol when you can get Mastercrafted Pair of Dwarfen Pistol


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Show me real Outcast Engineer. I said - real Outcast Engineer.


Anyway, I want Slayer Pirate Pistols - for Slayer of couse.


That will be true happiness for ‘Holy Lore’ true adepts.

Meh, I’m not sure I would want Slayer with Pistol, if we want a “Ranged” option for the Slayer it could be the Doomseeker

Second Slot only option that act as a short range ranged weapon/long ranged melee weapon

Have it work with great sweep and pull of chains

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I wouldn’t say lack of ranged variety, more like he already has enough melee/shield options.
Handgun, repeater handgun, manbow and blunderbuss covers sniping, horde clearing and everything in-between.

He does lack an AOE option, a lot of people were hoping for an Empire/Outrider grenade launcher.
(I’m unfamiliar with the lore)