Forgotten Relics DLC

I did not see a bash… would make it useless in my book really.

Here’s the thing: Even through the weapon doesn’t have a shield bash, it got way more solo killing power with both strong cleaving attacks aswell as (so far overpowered armor damage until the poke gets nerfed) probably decent to good armor damage in the long run. Don’t view it as a shield that also has a spear. View it as Halbert or Spear suddenly having way better block cost modifiers and the ability to block bosses slam attacks and ratling gunner shots.
Not to mention: Do you realise Handmaidens Spear and Shield also doesn’t have a shield bash? Don’t think I’ve ever heard someone say that’s a bad defensive weapon.


I’m totally disappointed with Krub’s weapon… unlike the others it looks to me like “more of the same”… it doesn’t give me the feeling of being “fresh”. Another shield? Meh …I was totally up for a ranged weapon.


Wonder why there are no Okri’s challenges. It’s definitely not a big disappointment, yet I can’t deny the fact I was surprised by their absence. Especially after 29 challenges for OE career DLC.

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There’s a whole bunch of them for portrait frames, 19 I think.

I noticed that skins for these weapons from various streams and press releases aren’t present right now that I can see. Hope to see them soon, loving the new stuff. Saw them on expedition, guess they’re chaos waste exclusive skins like the weave forged weapons?

Although I did notice Coruscation staff’s blast radius seems much smaller then the press release. Was that changed done to ease game resources? Because it is a huge difference between making one big flame geyser and a literal storm of flame geysers

It was rebalanced. Smaller radius but significantly increased DoT. In the previous build it did next to no damage.

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Waystalker has no bonus ammo for moonfire bow. Bug?

confirmed intentional: Moonfire bow and bonus ammo - #4 by FatsharkJulia

A bit disappointed we didn’t get a second red illusion, on a different base model. There clearly is a second one - the weave trollhammer uses a different base illusion than the red one, for example.

Are we sure the lack of illusions on the Forgotten Relics weapons is intentional? No other weapon in the game lacks even the basic white version. When you create the new weapons, they still have the blacksmith blueprint names and descriptions. None of the old weapons work like this.

Maybe the other illusions (accessible in the Chaos Wastes) are simply missing at the moment?

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Yeah probably to be drip fed into the shekel emporium.

I do hope all the illusions will be made available somehow, just like they are for every other weapon in the game. I don’t use any glowy Veteran skins anymore, so at the moment I have to settle for just the basic blacksmith blueprints.

I think Hedge confirmed in the Steam forum that they didnt have the time to implement them yet but intend to. Would have to search for the comment though.

#35: Baffling decision to lock the new weapon skins to CW. :: Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Helmgart Keep - General Discussions

Although, I fear we are going circular and the actual comment is somewhere here in the FS forum :stuck_out_tongue:


Good to know the missing illusions are coming! I don’t mind waiting for minor stuff like that as long as it arrives eventually. It took, what, five months for us to be able to reapply the basic illusions on Outcast Engineer weapons, if we were unfortunate enough to not realize they were not available when the career was released.

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