Possible Weapons for the next DLC (Kruber NEEDS more ranged options)

Just spitting ideas, seeing what’s left that’s reasonably possible enough to implement as weapons for another DLC, whether as part of a map pack or by themselves. Most importantly an excuse to give Kruber a ranged weapon


Crossbow+Pavise combo used by Braganza’s Besiegers. Allow him to set a shield down and snipe.

Outrider Grenade Launchers. Should be way weaker in damage than Bardin’s Trollhammer, but more plentiful and faster reload, large firing arc


Wide low damage light attacks, single target medium damage heavy attack where the whip is held back and snapped at a single target. Zero armour damage but inflicts bleed.


Two-Handed Flail. Like regular flail, but heavier and bigger


A thrusting stabby weapon for Sienna, has burn damage



Slayer exclusive Flail-like weapon for Dwarf, slower but have heavy armor damage and reach


For saltz i would like a weapon combo with one of the weapons being a torch or something he could use to burn enemies or a holy weapon that burns his enemies in holly fire.

I think if we get 2+ weapons dlc I would like to see:

Pack 1: Divine weapons (Lady; Gazul; Khaine; Sigmar; Myrmidia)
Bretonnian Flail&Shield
Flaming Sword
Druchii Driach (Exe Sword)
2h Flail/Sigmarite Flail
Fire Spear and Solar Shield

Pack 2: Means of war
Outrider Grenade launcher
Doomseeker Axes
Asrai Spear and Sword
Kislev Streltsi Axe
2h Flaming Axe (Aksha)


All good stuff, do Bretonnian Knights have flails? That sounds cool.

Again, all good stuff, I always felt it’d be neat to have another explosive ranged weapon besides Trollhammer and Outrider grenade launcher is a great choice.

To everything everyone mentioned so far, I would add:
Arbelest heavy crossbow for Merc, FK, and Huntsman.
Woodsman’s Axe for Huntsman; Two-handed, armor piercing, high stamina, low cleave.
Giant Slayer Axe heavy, very slow, very powerful axe for Slayer
Bayonetted Long Rifle for Kruber Mercenary and Huntsman
(uses melee slot and moveset, but can switch to ranged on weapon special)
Hochland Long Rifle (Sniper with long Scope for Huntsman and Mercenary)
Basket Hilt Saber for Saltzpyre WHC, BH, and Zealot, could use a dagger or pistol in the off-hand.
Great Flail for Warrior Priest, Two-handed, triple-headed
Throwing Knives for Shade
Combat Staff for Waystalker and SotT



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It’s been mentioned before, but Warhammer with a pick would be cool on Kruber. They could make a polehammer too for two-handed use, and one with a shield, and one by itself. It could function as an intermediate between an axe and a hammer by having some hits with the pick for armor piercing and some with the hammer for stagger and crowd control.

images Screenshot 2023-11-26 115705

Beautiful, Grail Knights do use flails, not a peasant weapon. You can find these with multiple flail heads as well on models, which can make it more distinct.

Screenshot 2023-11-26 120854
It might be cool to have a sword unique to shade with this hook on it. Maybe have a weapon special where it pulls on shields or staggers like Billhook and a nasty stab attack to synergize with shade’s backstab. It seems to be as iconic as the volley crossbow.

If you see an official tabletop model using something cool, I bet it is much more likely Games Workshop would be fine with it.

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Hooking shields and pulling them to open defence is a brilliant idea!

Yeah, the Billhook on Saltzpyre does this. It’s a neat feature.

I would like a weapon that operates a bit more slowly, more deliberately, on Keri, something that is a bit different than the rest of of her weapons of which practically all of them tend to just mash LMB a whole lot.

Something that works more like bretty sword/halberd from Krubs side. Heck i could happily take some “mash heavies” deal too like flails/hammers or most bigger swords, Keri doesnt have that either.


Her Glaive is kind of like that. In V1 definitely, possibly still so in V2.

All it’s damage values were so weirdly tossed around with each attack, and it’s heavy attack requires very deliberate timing because only it’s second downward slash does any real damage. So you can decide whether to risk hitting with both attacks on her heavy or deciding to leave out that garbage uppercut so you can more easily position for the downward slice.

Her spear is also kind of this as it’s a weapon that requires consistent headshots to be viable…not to mention that stupid change FS did years back that added a sweep to her light attack series means it’s not a weapon you want to spam a single button with anymore.

Knowing when to leave out the first hit on the glaive heavy combo or skipping the first spear/Snd heavy to minimize time spent in close quarters is indeed good tech for adapting oneself to the situation, but its not on the same level as Krubs halberd or Bret sword in terms of fluid combo´s or deliberate pacing. You still mostly just mash LMB like a madman, maybe throwing in one push here or there but normally just spaming dodge on a…was it 1.3 seconds recharge timer? While hacking away.

I want something that isnt “mash lights nonstop” 90% of the time! For variety!

It doesnt really need it i feel, its more a matter of knowing when to use the powerful block-push and not spam it and then not have it when needed. That or you just do the thing where you stack enough combat stats to just mash/hack away like a madman with enough crit/attackspeed or even flat power. Works wonders on handmaiden.

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I’d say even if Kruber’s Greatsword isn’t OP, it kinda falls in this category and it gets old fast. It’s mainly heavies with light for pure trash hordes. I know Greatsword has been mentioned many times, but it’s got the most bland animation and moveset of any of Kruber’s weapons. It’s an elegant weapon, and all he does is swing it like he’s cutting grass.

I want to see Fatshark do a halberd-style update on most of the elf weapons, and the Greatsword making block cancels and heavy/light combos needed to get the most out of them.

Don’t need consistent headshots against trash enemies and berserkers, which will be LMB spam with some pushes, though headshots always are better as with any weapon. The headshots on spear are more a thing for Stormvermin and Armored specials specifically. But to be most effective, there’s a heavy poke where you can throw in there so it goes, light, heavy, light, heavy, so, in that sense you are correct, the spear is a bit more nuanced in its use than many of her weapons, but still…

On the other hand, the Elven 1H sword is a good example of what more of her weapons should be like. To use it well does require some combos and block canceling.
For single-target, it has vertical heavies which you can block cancel and repeat or you can do a heavy, then light to get a vertical then poke.
As with a lot of non-elf weapons that require combos, I found different single-target combos can hit different breakpoints as I learned how many hits and the types of hits necessary for quickly wiping out elites.
For trash hordes, it’s mainly light, light, block-cancel, but you can throw that heavy slash in there too for added effect.

Full agreement there. Personally I find Halberds, Brettonian Longsword, and Flail to both be gold standard of weapon designs as they have multiple ways to get out different attack sequences based on situation. Greatswords are just one trick.

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sickle and torch would be interesting to say the least/This club that bends in the middle is also really cool/ two-handed flail…
for the kerillian guard of the paths and sister of the thorn, a hagbane shield and spear would be cool, and return with the bow Trueflight (end times)
Longbow(Trueflight Longbow - Official Vermintide Wiki)


I thought the other ideas were cool, except the grail with flail, there are more important things for Kruber

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Looking at the images, the idea of a bell used as a mace sounds really fun NGL

Imagine the jangling noises as you run with it on hand, and when you bash the enemy heads in

A bit of a Necro and double post, but I just thought of a Bardin weapon for OE and IB

Dwarf Miner Steam Drill


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Shame about the necro but this is a good thread.

I would suggest that the Grail Knight got a 2h axe as well. I would imagine it would be a bit similar to the exe sword but slower, not made for multiple headshots on hordes and an anti-armour weapon, possibly also with light attacks, or one or two of the light attacks in the combo.


If Kruber get a 2h Axe, I think it would be better to have it act more like Bardin’s 2h Axe rather than Exe Sword +

As for the Steam Drill, I think they could work quite well, but I really prefer the way it appear on models

It’s more of a Jack Hammer tbh


If Kruber got any new weapons, I really hope it’s a ranged weapon. Be it a basic militias pistol that’s slower and has less range than Victor’s, limited to one hand, but packs a higher punch. Or preferably a grenade launcher

Sorry for missing this part before, @Ensrick ,but…

It’s been mentioned before, but Warhammer with a pick would be cool on Kruber. They could make a polehammer too for two-handed use, and one with a shield, and one by itself. It could function as an intermediate between an axe and a hammer by having some hits with the pick for armor piercing and some with the hammer for stagger and crowd control.

…one option for a warhammer with a spike on the back end or a 2h polehammer is that Kruber could use “weapon special” to turn it around in his own hands.

You start with a hammer for busting heads with crowd control but press “weapons special” and the weapons is switched around so that Kruber starts to use the spike instead for armour penetration. Press “weapon special” to use the hammer again and so on.

Or use coghammer method with light attacks using the hammer and heavy attacks using the spike.

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