Scimitar for Kerillian

The game has a distinct lack of sexy middle eastern weaponry, the only thing being the Falchion for Saltzy. Here is my idea for a nice scimitar for Kerillian.

Great at horde clear, lights are lots of diagonal slashing, heavies are slashes that are just reverse animations to the light attack combo (heavy 1 is opposite of light 1, heavy 2 opposite of light 2 etc.); allowing for interesting combos and mix-ups. I specifically want diagonal angles to make it harder to deal with elites (keep reading). Contrary to other weapons, the heavies aren’t that much slower than the lights; but they only deal slightly more damage than lights as well; this is a combo weapon. Causes a small bleed DoT on all attacks. Fast and combo oriented. Push attack can be a straight horizontal slash from right to left (the third person animation of this would have kerillian do a quick 360 spin slash while performing this move, but to not make the user sick or disoriented this would not happen in first person). Middle mouse button causes you to block for 1 second or so (a flashy spin your sword in front of you animation). If timed properly right before the enemy hits; their attack bounces off and you automatically perform an overhead riposte attack (kerillian grips the sword with both hands and brings it straight down full force, just like her heavy one handed sword attack).The riposte causes all attacks to bounce off like a shield. Your stamina CAN be drained from the block, but it won’t stop the riposte from coming out. This attack would be the only way to deal with elites to balance out it’s strong horde clear; BUT the riposte attack cannot be canceled, so make sure you are dedicated to attacking before using it. High risk/high reward. I think i want it to only have 2 and 1/2 stamina shields; in order incetiivise (<–is that a word?) use of the weapon on Handmaiden specifically; as she gets a half stamina shield as part of her class. I’ll leave the damage numbers up to the devs; although it should be pretty comparable to Rapier IMO. A nice finesse weapon indeed.

Bonus points if Handmaiden can get a nice Turban that goes with her default veil.



To many, walls of texts are frustrating to read. I would suggest formatting your post to make it
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You are correct. I was being snarky, my bad.

If they do a Desert/Araby/Tomb King Dlc, I would prefer:

  • Kruber: Kopesh
  • Bardin: Spade (Not really any idea)
  • Sienna: Nehekharan (Egyptian) are known to venerate the Sun (Maybe a Staff centred on it)
  • Saltz: Scimitar and Tulwars (Sword and Dagger)

And Kerri could have a Nehekharan Bow (Desert Bow/Recurved Bow/Composite Bow) or a


Not helpful at all, why even bother replying.


Great ideas as well. The kopesh i believe is the egyptian sword with a reverse curve; specifically designed to get around shields. As such, it should ignore shields in the game.

I don’t see the point in just adding another bow; we already have enough. How about throwing knives??

Edit: about the staff, yeah the egyptians worship their sun god, Ra. He is depictided as a bird type figure. Perhaps the staff could have a bird type figure at the top with his beak ope; that’s where the flames come out of. The attack could be like a constant bolt of lightning that incinerates the ground as it moves forward. I am deffinnantely basing this off of one of Ra’s abilities from the game SMITE lol; but it could work non-the-less.

Not Really, It’s the bastard Child of an Axe and a Sword but the tip isn’t really sharp, it can be used as a Hook but not really as a Shield Bypassing sword

Well Nehekhara was a Magic Kingdom, Magical Bow (Maybe with a Charge meter like Sienna) and heavy bow were the norm

Well we don’t really have any characters from Araby in Vermintide, and as far as I know Scimitars are not really used in the Empire army?

There are mentions of curved blades used by Elves (Black Ark Corsairs and in some rare instances Lothern Sea Guard) though those are more like Cutlasses than Scimitars.
Then we have mentions of curved blades used by Ellyrian Reavers, but again these weapons are closer to a Saber.

I personally doubt that Fatshark would add something like that into the game over Saearath.

Not really an Asrai, Asur or even Druchii preferred style of fashion I’m afraid.

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Okay yeah, i was thinknig of the Shotel, which is apparently african. My bad.

I don’t know really anything about warhammer lore, and i’d wager a good chunk of the playerbase doesn’t either. maybe not on the forums; but in-game yeah. It’s hard to take this super strict adherence to lore seriously; and to me it kinda seems like you’re saying ‘oh this person isnt X so they can’t be/do Y’, and that’s silly to me. It’s kind of like saying Japanese can’t wear western clothing because theyre japanese, they all have to wear kimonos and getas.

Theres nothing stopping a person, in a fictional world or real from venturing out and exploring and in some cases even becoming part of somone elses culture. Take William Adams for example. One of the first white guys to find Japan. He loved it so much, he stayed there and became a samurai.

It could be as simple as an ‘Araby’ or whatever they are called in universe passing by kerllian’s forest; and sold the scimitar to her. Perhaps she was cast out of her forest and spent some time in the Araby kingdom.

The devs shouldn’t be held back creatively; by what i see as something so trivial. I mean Kruber magically became a grail knight; and that was fine. I’m pretty sure kerillian isn’t a high elf, and to my understanding only high elves can be handmaidens??

I’m sorry but i just dont see this as a valid exscuse.



Lol I can hear Bardin now :laughing:

"Kruber, have you seen Kerillian lately? She has a curved sword.


S W O R D ."


Well they should, Warhammer has one of the best and deepest fantasy lore.

Warhammer has always been super strict lore-wise, and that has not changed. That’s what makes it great imo.

It’s not as simple as it may seem for various reasons. I doubt that anyone sensible would just venture to Athel Loren given the fact that they would most likely be shot dead within seconds. Also I find it hard to believe that Kerillian would use inferiour weapons (in terms of craft and material quality) over any Elven-made one.
Only explanation could be if that Scimitar was some kind of an ancient relic (something similar was given to Finubar in Cathay from a King of Ind - an ancient curved enchanted starmetal blade), but said relics are very hard to come by and are not simply given to random elves who just show up.

Though not impssible, it would be very difficult to explain lore-wise (and it has to be as long as pretty much everything needs to be approved by Games Workshop) especially when there are other viable loreful weapons that still have not been added into the game.

They are not, but still, they are making a Warhammer game and everything has to be in line with the established lore and IP.

Not “magically” as you mean it but yes, he was blessed by Lady of the Lake. It was established a while ago that hero careers are kind of a “what if” cases to allow for a gamepaly development. That does not mean though that their newly discovered potentials and roles are not covered by Lore.

In Grail Knight’s case, Kruber was an heir to a forgotten noble line of a Bretonnian Grail Knight, and was called upon by Lady of the Lake in these trying times (which is unusual, but not impossible given the current situation).

Regarding Handmaiden… technically any female elf can become a Handmaiden to the Everqueen as long as she proves herself. Originally in Vermintide 2 Lore, Kerillian was called upon by the Everqueen herself in a dream to become her Handmaiden and use hew newfound powers to help the situation in Elthin Arvan.
This was then altered to its current Lore version in which she just simply dedicated herself to the ancient ways of a Handmaiden at a Shrine of Isha (which is still pretty much just a profession than anything else, nothing magical about it that would make this transition impossible).


Slightly off topic but is there a good spot to read about warhammer lore?? I admit that i am very interested in it; and would like to read about it.

The only reason i knew about grail knight is because i specifically read about it when they announced the class.

They could find a way to work in a scimitar. Maybe an elf traveled to araby land,because she had relationations with an araby man. Despised for this by her own, she was cast out. So she hid her ears and went to araby land to search for the man, but he was nowhere to be found. The man being a warrior, she thought her best chance of seeing him again would be near weapons; so she became a blackmith. Combining araby techniques with elven; she created a high grade scimitar using some elven materials she took from the forest with her. After a few years, the man never came back and so she set of in search for him with the sword. On her travels she could be going through whatever the new DLC map would be, and meet an unfortunate end as she alerted a horde of chaos patrols. At least, she is now with araby man in the afterlife; united again at last. When the new heroes go through the map, kerillian can find the weapon on her corpse.
There’s thousands of possibilities; and typing up all the different ways would end up being an essay so i’ll just leave it at that.

Edit: i shoudl mention that i want to read engaging stories, please don’t just send stuff that’s like reading facts. That’s about as much fun as readign the dictionary. Thanks in advance!

I’d pay money for that voice line

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Well if you want to learn the fastest, Lexicanum, Majorkill (i think he did Fantasy video), r/Fantasylore (exert and forum)

Depends on whenever you want books or just wiki articles or videos? If you want just wiki articles I would probably go about it by searching histories of famous people like Sigmar, Nagash, Tyrion & Teclis and such. That should still read as a summarized story from the books usually.
Also some YT creators can be pretty story telling-like, book of choyer I think does some nice videos using total war warhammer for dramatic illustrations of battles and such.

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Agreed, but I did find your idea somewhat interesting so I’d just like to add something to it.

In my mind, the elf would already have to be a blacksmith when she met Mr Araby.
If she were to get on that path after they had already met, Mr Araby would be long gone before she
could have learned how to make a good weapon using elven smithing techniques.

I don’t really know much about regular elven blacksmiths, but with elves having such long lives and their smithing being exceptional, it just feels like it would take quite some time to learn it.

@Jaffawer Any thoughts on elven blacksmiths?

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I have a feeling @Jaffawer might be the first elf to start keeping a book of grudges after he reads about the elf-human relationship idea :smiley:

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Well, with all the different sources it can be somewhat overwhelming. I would suggest you start by reading through 8th edition Warhammer Fantasy core rulebook (you can still buy these on ebay, or I am sure you can find pdf on the internet). The core rulebook contains (aside the tabetop rules) basic general lore of the world and also has several pages of lore for every major faction.

Then if you want to learn more about a specific faction, you can start reading through their respective Army Books (8th edition is the last one, though older editions contain some lore that is not included in the 8th edition. Be weary though as some of the older editions may contain outdated lore that was changed in their following editions).

After getting some the basic grasp of Warhammer Fantasy world, I’d recommend going for the novels. You can simply google something like List of Warhammer Fantasy novels for a comprehensive list.

You can either start reading the publications chronologically or if you find a faction you like, focus on books about them and then move on.

Some basic reads I would recommend (in chronological order):

Age of Legend (various authors) contains 10 short stories from the early history of Warhammer Fantasy world

The Sundering omnibus ( consists of 3 books: Malekith, Shadow King and Caledor by Gav Thorpe)

War of the Beard ominbus (consists of 3 books: The Great Betrayal by Nick Kyme, Master of Dragons by Chris Wraight and The Curse of the Phoenix Crown by C. L. Werner)

The Rise of Nagash omnibus (consists of 3 books: Nagash the Sorcerer, Nagash the Unbroken and Nagash Immortal by Mike Lee)

The Legend of Sigmar omnibus (consists of 3 books: Heldenhammer, Empire and God King by Graham McNeill)

(This is pretty much most of the Time of Legends collection)

Then books which cannot be forgotten:

Gotrek & Felix this is a long series compiled into 4 omnibi which contain:
Trollslayer, Skavenslayer, Gaemonslayer, Dragonslayer, Beastslayer, Vampireslayer and Giantslayer by William King followed by Orcslayer, Manslayer, Elfslayer by Nathan Long (plus various short stories).

The Vampire Genevieve (Don’t even think about it, I am watching you) which consists of 4 books: Drachenfels, Genevieve the Undead, Beasts in Velvet and Silver Nails by Kim Newman

Though this is only a small portion of the entire Warhammer Fantasy library, it is a good place to start. (I am sure those educated in the ways of Chaos can add some of their filth to this list).

I shall ignore the second part of your post as explaining why this would highly improbable to the point of impassibility would require more energy than I am willing to spend right now.


Well, there isn’t any lore that would adress elven smiths in particular. We can talk a lot about Priests of Vaul, though that is an entirely different league and beside the point. Generally, one studies a craft from a very young age (relatively speaking) as reaching elven “bottomline” standard takes hundreds of years and eventual mastery even entire life.

Of course, some may point out Teclis who forged his own blade - after making an extensive research of Caledor Dragontamer’s work - without pretty much any previous experience. But that’s Teclis allright.

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