Shield and Spear for Handmaiden

Anyone else feel this might be a good weapon set to make unique to Handmaiden? It’d let her be a frontline tank if she wants, while still having a unique weapon selection. I know that Druchii and Asrai both also use spears and shields at times, but I just didn’t think they’d fit specifically for a Shade or Waystalker.

Adding another option for a front-liner would allow more Kruber and Bardin players to not feel they HAVE to go tank, and with the great defenses of a shield, her ability might actually be more useful, as she could block as she dashed and push enemies at the location she reaches easier.

Just a thought.



that would be awesome, i do love the high elves spearmen in total war warhammer 2 so it makes sense to add it!


Sounds good unless theyre planning to make a separate HE character for the game at some point.

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Absolutely. I think this, plus making her uninterruptible revive actually be uninterruptible, would really make her a good alternate tank/control to IB and FK. Spear and shield would make her feel very unique. Block+Dash +Uninterruptible revive would make her the ultimate clutch moment career.


Great idea; also for footknight… hammer/sword + shield is useless against armor; spear could be strong to kill armored enemies and weak against crowd (so he should only push).

While Shield and Spear would be interesting, and suitable for HM (and it was my first thought for a new weapon too), I see a couple of problems.

A small one would be the model. Unlike the Axe, Mace and Hammer (AKA the other shield weapons), Kerillian’s Spear is blatantly a 2-handed weapon. The blade is also quite heavy-looking. These combine to the Shield and Spear requiring probably completely new graphical assets. So, more work for the devs.

Second, I don’t think it would bring much to Kerillian’s options. The spear already has wide push/block angle, and moderate stamina. The strikes already are quite stabby, and I think with shield spear sweeps would feel ever weirder. Realism-wise, one-handed stabs aren’t that strong so armor-piercing would also feel strange (and that would play somewhat against the game’s internal realism, too).

Third, Kerillian’s, and especially HM’s, playstyle is very mobile. As shields are in the lowest mobility category, it would break that.

I would be more interested actually to see a quarterstaff. Another two-hander, naturally another defensive weapon, and would bring crowd control to Kerillian’s options.

Shield with Spear or Shield with Lance!
But a Elfe is to weak for this! to Less Power!^^
(is more a PokePlay! in some Fantasy is this like a short Spear this Elfe whit Shild! more Formation Fight)

A Handmaiden have some good Talent for Tank combinate with the Spear!
A Def Push with a Push Attack works fine! Ulty with Push Effect!
( i don’t have my Elfe on 25 to Test this, but a bit Elfe Tank Play is Done!
Need a bit more Movement (like more Spread Dance Push Tank Play)
and a Team with more Support on Tank!
(mayne Time is to less Dmg on Front)

Knowing fatshark, definetly not. Probably wont see any new classes what so ever.

Bro a lance is not a weapon you can use without a horse


I think it’s unlikely (possible . . . but unlikely) that they add a new character. It would have the advantage of being kind of a ‘big’ thing that might draw more people in, but no idea if that would offset the cost.

New careers for the existing characters, though? That seems plausible.

Indeed, the handmaiden supposed to be a optional style for elf changed into frontline tank. adding a shield for her spear is a really great idea .:+1: not only that, with a shield and spear, i can scream…



In some of the livestreams Fatshark said they wanted to add more of everything. They definitely mentioned careers so it’s very likely those will come with some kind of DLC. They will also be thinking about adding characters at least.

But you’re right, having yet another character with his own unique backstory and relation to the rest of the team would be hard to do properly. I almost don’t want them to try for fear of it going badly.


NO!!! you are lying SIR!!! i played monster hunger(?) for 10 years, Lance can be use without a horse XDDD

If they managed to turn a wood elf Waywatcher into a Khaine worshipping druuchi assassin I think they can manage to add a new character to the team :stuck_out_tongue:

You could for example have a High Elf who served as a guard for a HE merchant house and got stuck in the Empire during the Vermintide. Maybe the U5 could free him from captivity in a DLC mission.

I would personally love to see new characters - and I think it’s possible, just unlikely.

An interesting tidbit I saw earlier on the wiki made me think - Kislevian Ice Maidens, who apparently go wandering and can be found in unusual places while they seek to finalize their connection to the ice magic of Kislev.

Could be an interesting career for a Kislevian character! One of the fun things about a new character would be that they could have extremely disparate careers; wider possibilities since they wouldn’t have a default class from the first game. I guess other options for a Kislevite would have to be something like Streltsi and Priestess of Ursun or something.

yeah nice, but not like this^^
More like in Game Tera or other MMOs. In real was this, i mean in the old Greece/Rome Time:
A Shield with a Hole on the side to Poke with a Spear! The Spear was more Short mire like a Lance.
(was for Formation Fights)

This Shield with Lance on Horse, i not sure was this Really in Fight or just for SportFight.
This what the Media Propaganda what was in the History, is just a little part with a lot like show.

Google: Pilum,
is like a pre Version of this, but still like a short Spear the pre to Lance, like a mix.
(exist thick and thin version)

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