@ FS please think about Spear and Shield

the spear&shield for kerillian is a joke ! ! ! attack move set are the same than old Spear with no sweeps, plus a shield.
handmaiden can easy avoid damage and she always enable to permanent block attacks, this make the shield totaly redundant ! ! !
please dev’s remove this crap and replace it with a realy elven weapon!
a double polearm sword are realy nice and im sure that everyone would love that weapon!
with fast horizontal and diagonal light attacks and heavy overhead attacks.

for those who dont know what a double polearm sword are and looks like


is there any way to realize this? maybe with a petition?!

my english suxx i know

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The move set is not the same, just similar… because it is a spear weapon and that’s the way you use it. There is a sweep attack, granted not as powerful, but you also have a shield push. Avoiding damage is not really the primary use for shield (you have dodge for that). A way better use for shield is holding large hordes, CC/stagger, blocking ranged attacks -> supporting your team basically (also looking cool).

Now… spear and shield not being a “real elven weapon”? Ever heard of Spearmen? The backbone of Asur army? Eternal Guard? Or even… Asuryan forgive me… Dreadspears?
Sure that weapon you talk about is in Asrai arsenal, but saying that it is a “real elven weapon” over spear and shield is ridiculous.


Oh no… thrusting with a spear, absolute madness!

But yeah, it’s not the most interesting weapon. Some offensive moves with the shield would have been nice perhaps.
As for the polearm sword, is that even a thing in Warhammer? I’m by no means an expert on wutelgi weaponry, but I can’t recall ever seeing something like it in Warhammer related stuff.


Alrighty then, I’m learning new things today! (:

Ye, I’m no Arsai lore/unit expert, but if I recall correctly, there are Eternal Guard variants with this double-bladed polearm - I think it’s called Saearath (or something) basically a swordstaff.
There definitely are AoS miniatures using this weapon (but who cares about that crap right?) Armybook citation needed. :wink:

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handmaiden with spear can holding hordes better than other chars with shield and she can quikly clean up a stacked horde = shield on elve redundant
and yes spear&shield are in the asrai arsenal but make no sense in the game
this weapon combo are for army phalanx usefull not for a 4man group :wink: thats my point
and finaly we have enought chars with weapon&shield combo (who nobody use^^)

I was talking about the Saearath you mentioned. Why do you think that spear and shield makes no sense in the game?


Heresy detected!
Zealotry intensifies!


we have enought classes with weapon&shield and specialy shield with spear combo are for phalanx…
its about the fun and why should i equip a shield&spear if the normal spear perform better?!
a double polearm sword are a lot more fun

I know… I shall pray to Asuryan and ask for forgiveness.

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It’s not really about what other classes have access to, but rather which new weapon/s can FS add, that would bring new playstyle and variety to a specific hero, a point that spear and shield covers perfectly (certainly more than another damage-oriented polearm weapon).

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your right with different playstyle but why should i play handmaiden with shield if she dont need it? the only reason for a shield is to block gun/warp fire, it make sense on every other class but not on handmaiden she can ez escape the fire focus because of her ult :wink:

You don’t have to use the shield if you don’t like it. They can’t give everyone what they want with every content update, maybe next time it’s something more to your liking.

Be a teamplayer and protect Sienna from the incoming barrage of warpfirenonsense

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Ever heard of the new upcoming stagger mechanic? Shield has a bonus for that and a stronger CC push + cone in comparison to spear.

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You are also forgetting the weapon is coming with beastmen, and with them Ungor archers.


she have still her ult to handle all range attacks…

btw i do it easy this post are about for “yes” give kerillian a other handsome weapon or “no” give us a booring shield on the high mobility elve for do the job of bardin/kruber…

ulti, headshot with longbow, warpfire done before anyone take serious dmg…

Shield and spear is a handsome weapon that offers a different, more supportive playstyle, since she already has tons of high-mobility weapons at her disposal. Besides, who said that it’s Kruber’s or Bardin’s job to support the team with a shield?
I guess you are just trolling now.

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ok than give her a shield but than replace her ult and passive talent and give her tank abilities

why would she need a new passive and a tank ability? The AoE stamina regen passive goes well with the supportive aspect, plus it well… recharges your stamina faster so you can use the shield more effectively.