Scimitar for Kerillian

Well, there isn’t any lore that would adress elven smiths in particular. We can talk a lot about Priests of Vaul, though that is an entirely different league and beside the point. Generally, one studies a craft from a very young age (relatively speaking) as reaching elven “bottomline” standard takes hundreds of years and eventual mastery even entire life.

Of course, some may point out Teclis who forged his own blade - after making an extensive research of Caledor Dragontamer’s work - without pretty much any previous experience. But that’s Teclis allright.

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Okay, thanks for the links for everyone. Even if you don’t like scimitars (and i am still adamant about it being a scimitar); can we at least agree that moveset is a good design from a video game stand point?? I’d love the idea of an actual ripost mechanic. The Bret sword is a step closer to getting an actual riposte in the game with it’s block on heavies. So, thoughts on the moveset design??

Oh I have nothing against Scimitars, only that they don’t fit the lore.

For sure. You put a lot of though into it and it would be nice to see more weapons with this new riposte mechanic. Especially rapier.


I don’t hate the Scimitar, I prefer a Scimitar over a Katana (not hard) but it’s not my favourite weapon

Scimitar are a 1h sword, Kerri already has a 1h Sword and also 1h Sword+Dagger (that Sword already has a of curvature in it’s design, the only diff is that

While Saltz has no real 1h Sword apart from the Falchion (which is considered as a War messer and the Rapier, which is an Estoc)

So a 1h Sword that incoporate a lot more sweep should go to him, maybe as a set:

  • 1h Scimitar
  • 1h Scimitar+Kulwar (Arabian Dagger)


The Empire and Araby have a lot of trade treaty going on, and Witch Hunter are known to use more exotic weaponry coming from their trade partner

Uhh… he’s got the Falchion and Rapier, both 1 handed weapons. Regardless fo the actual weapons are, he wields them as one handed swords in the game.

But regardless, the only reason i don’t want this on Saltz is because as i mentioned, he already has both weapons in the game that utilize the special attack button. His weaponry is pretty unique as it is. My design is kind of similar to the rapier in some regards; and that’s why i think it should go to someone else. Plus, WHC already has Flense. But i get what you’re saying. I jsut think from a Balance/Variety standpoint that it should really go on someone else.
Maybe it could go on his new career… or be interchangable between him and kruber, kinda like how they both have two handed sword. But the way the weapon plays and feels, it really seems like it’d be a great fit on Handmaiden, especially with her bleed dash.

It’s really not a big lore issue, no more than our heroes taking on hordes of chaos warriors and monsters no problem. Dark Elves have plenty of curved swords, wood elves would have curved hunting swords and it wouldn’t be a stretch to make up an elven cutlass given the strong naval culture in some areas.

Kruber and Saltzpyre would also be able to use a cutlass lore and character wise, it’s a simple soldiers weapon. Also opportunity to make cutlass and pistol version for Kruber and Saltzpyre? Would probably be limited to WHC, Huntsman, Merc, BH and Zealot. Given the HRE influence and the existence of Kiev, Eastern European Sabres would fit perfectly for both characters

As for a proper Arabs scimitar design, would be limited to Saltzpyre and Shade (dark elf swords), but designing an elven curved sword really wouldn’t be stretching the lore.

To make up for the lack of armour damage it would likely have, maybe critical hits could apply a small bleed, with heavy crits and crits to the head/neck region applying an extra stack (ie 1 stack for crit, 2 for heavy crit and, 2 for head crit and 3 for heavy head crit)

As far as I know sabres are perfectly normal for the empire.
One example could be a high ranking officer, send to Bretonnia to establish diplomatic relationship in the book Knight Errant, who used a sabre. (Chose this simply because I read it recently lol)

You seem to know about the lore. Off topic but why is a Halberd considered a peasants weapon?? Also, do other polearms exist in the lore?? It would be nice to see some Bardice, Glaive, polehammer (i forget it’s name; it’s just a really big warhammer) etc. Edit: i remebered it, it’s the Lucerne

Edit 2: and why are krubers other classes able to use the bret long but not the bret shield?? And why can grail knight use the sigmar shield??

Also to the other guy, if it the curved sword has to be limited to shade;then so be it. I’m fine with only the crits applying blled, but i really don’t want the moveset i created to be altered.

Polearm are considered peasant weapon in Bretonnia as they are not really used by knight (Nobel).

Knights weapon: Swords (with Shield), Longsword, Cavalry Lance, Morningstar (masse d’arme)

Peasant: Most weapon with somewhat of a range, spear, Polearm, Ranged Weapon (included Bomb), barbaric weapon (iirc, like a Battle Axe)

It’s not really a Sigmar Shield but an Imperial Shield, nothing stop them from using technique from other nation

AS for why we can’t use it on the other career, i can’t really remember any info in the lore that would mean that Imperial couldn’t use technique from Bretonnian Martial Instructor


How could i forget about such an amazing weapon. This needs to be added asap, with either bleed or armour pen because of the spikes

I thought was a sigmar shield because the black version (the one i use) says sigmar on it. My bad

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But for whom ?

Kruber and Bardin have 2h Hammer

Kerri would not really be fit for it

That leave us

Saltz, people want him to have a hammer (Sigmar and all of that)

Sienna, does she have a 1h Mace or a 2h Mace ?

It should probably go to saltz, yeah. If that’s the case; it should not have innate bleed in order to incetivise use of flense; but rather do armour pierce instead. I believe that’s the function of the spikes irl anyways; to pierce platemail while also crushing it. I think it also fits thematically with zeaolot and bounty hunter quite well, as well.

I don’t what sienna’s mace is; she’s my least favourite character and only used firesword till i got flail. But based on seeing the way she uses it in her 3rd person animations, i’m guessing it’s two handed.

On the topic of range, there are not many possibility

Javelin for Kruber ? Maybe with a Charge mechanic (Longer it’s holded the more powerful it get)

Jezzail (Human one) or Hochland Rifle for Saltz (Aim, slow reload)

Revolver (top right) for Bardin ?

Sienna would get a new staff or maybe a weapon that finally use ammunition
Maybe some elemental that zip toward the enemy and flame them (right click could be Elemental Horde)

Kerri should not really have any Gunpowder weapon but I could see a new (Magic) bow that work with a heat mechanic (Like Sienna Staves and the Flamer)

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@Arthadaw Beat me to it :stuck_out_tongue:
But I do believe highly positioned man-at-arms (peasant infantry) might also be allowed to use a sword.

I think why see can’t use bret shield is just cause of the heraldry, but then it doesn’t make sense to use imperial shields as GK so who knows.
I am fairly certain FS was talking about not allowing GK to use imperial shields, guess they just considered it too restrictive and dropped the idea.

Also I am not super familiar with the lore in detail really, I just like reading through various novels because I grew to like the universe (mostly somewhat recently long after GW killed it :frowning: ).

I think it’s mostly so the weapon doesn’t glance off the armour so easily, the spike itself isn’t long enough to do any real damage through armour.

I’d like to see Outrider grenade launcher :smiley:

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There’s a comptetive FPS mod i’ve been playing for years. The way the javelins work in that is very fun. So basicaly you hold lmb to start charging. A bar appears at the bottom of the screen; and as you continue running forward the bar starts to fill up. As the bar fills, the damage; distance and arc of the javelin increases. After running for a bit the bar fully charges and and have a slight glow. During this time, you will get the most damage and distance from your toss. After, the glow fades but remains at full charge for a sec before slowly draining. If you stop moving forward at any time the bar starts decreasing drastically. Stafing has no effect and will decrease the bar, it must be forward.

As you can see, it takes a bit of effort to make use of them, but the damage they do is really goodd; especailly on headshots. You can 1/2 health someone on a headshot.

And that would finally gives Kruber a mace that has different than “yet another 4 side/flanges headed” mace.

The Morningstar/2h Mace could still have 4 Flange (even if I don’t really like them)

How would the Morningstar act any differently to the current mace iteration?

Possibility of doing it 2h (both exist), work like a cross between a Hammer and a Mace, and variety if given per say to Saltz

  • Kruber: Mace (+Mace with sword) 1h
  • Sienna: Flaming Mace 1h+dot
  • Saltz: Morningstar 2h

By Sigmar… no…

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