Spitballing weapon ideas because that sure is an original idea no one has ever thought of before oh boy I sure am creative amirite fellas

Note that some of these weapon ideas may have already have been suggested in the past.

In any such case, I’ll give you 5 Robux, a trip to the local Burger King, my limited edition Nerf Strike Elite Blaster with sword and taser attachment that I use to mug people with (results may vary), a beyblade that some strange street vendor sold to me in exchange for an unreasonably large sum of money, the deed to my house, the ownership of a salt mine I had in Pakistan, my firstborn son, and practically any hopes I had for having a future, since he said this beyblade was going to turn my life around, make me lose a lot of the weight I gained from binge-eating to escape the reality of my life, get me the confidence and self-esteem I desperately need, cure my chronic diarrhea-herpes, and finally get me a girlfriend, but guess what, it didn’t frukking happen, and this beyblade has proven itself to be the epitome of useless as I now eke out the rest of my existence in a cardboard box in the middle of the street waiting for people to pity me enough to give me money just to pay off the crippling debt I have for this godforsaken piece of plastic, which only purpose is to spin day in and day out until the day I can’t take it anymore and I either end myself or someone else does, some seaweed I found on the beach the other day (note that beach is synonymous with junkyard and seaweed is synonymous with piece of plastic), and an unrestrained, unquantifiable, and mercilessly thorough consumption of your ample posterior if you’ll keep quiet and don’t tell anyone on me for plagiarizing their stuff.

As always I’ll be starting with suggestions for Kruber and then ending with Sienna since Kruber mains are oppressed and Sienna mains deserve to get euthanized by the mass.

Kruber melee weapons:

Sword & Pistol

  • Based on the weaponry used by Free Company Militia.

  • Essentially his already existing one-handed sword but with the ability to shoot a pistol with the alt fire key, similar to Saltzpyre’s Rapier.

  • May or may not replace the already existing one-handed sword, since that one will pretty much be rendered obsolete.

  • May or may not be restricted to Mercenary only.

Spear & Shield

  • Essentially just his new Tuskgor Spear but with the addition of a shield.

  • That’s it.

Kruber ranged weapons:


  • Essentially just Saltzpyre’s crossbow, but for Kruber.

  • That’s it.

Grenade Launching Blunderbuss

  • Based on the weaponry used by Outriders (horse not included).

  • Attack is equivalent to a standard bomb (essentially just allows you to carry extra bombs).

  • Can be used to butt the enemy akin to the standard Blunderbuss.

  • Has the attributes: High Damage, Armour Piercing, and Crowd Control.

  • Very low ammo count of 1/3.

  • Can neither headshot nor critically strike.

  • May or may not be unavailable to Huntsman.

Bardin melee weapons:

Axe & Hammer

  • Just his already existing one-handed axe and one-handed hammer put into one weapon.

  • Literally nothing to say here.

Bardin ranged weapons:

Dwarf Pistol

  • Based on the firearm of the same name.

  • Essentially Saltzpyre’s Brace of Pistols, except it’s a single one.

  • Can be aimed.

  • Has the attributes: Armour Piercing, Headshot Damage, and Sniper.

  • Carries an ammo count of 6/24.

  • May or may not be restricted to Ranger Veteran. Unavailable to Slayer regardless.

Blasting Charges

  • Based on the weaponry used by Miners.

  • Attack causes Bardin to throw out a charge that explodes after a few seconds (damage and explosion is equivalent to a standard bomb).

  • Aiming it causes Bardin to throw out a charge that he can remotely detonate at will (will have a short delay upon being thrown in which it primes itself before it can be detonated. After priming, it can be detonated instantly).

  • Has the attributes: High Damage, Armour Piercing, and Crowd Control.

  • Carries an ammo count of 1/5.

  • Can neither headshot nor critically strike.

  • May or may not be restricted to Ranger Veteran only. Unavailable to Slayer regardless.

Trollhammer Torpedo

  • Based on the weaponry used by Irondrakes.

  • Attack causes you to shoot the torpedo in the direction you are facing, plowing through enemies before either hitting terrain or a larger than man-sized enemy.

  • The torpedo is automatically reeled back in, even when the weapon is currently inactive. If the torpedo is currently lodged in a larger than man-sized enemy, the reeling will slowly pull them in your direction. Holding right-click with the weapon out causes you to reel the torpedo in faster.

  • Heat gauge is replaced by a bar that tells the distance between you and the torpedo.

  • Has the attributes: High Damage, Armour Piercing, and Crowd Control.

  • Carries only one torpedo.

  • Can neither headshot nor critically strike.

  • Talents that increase/decrease the amount of heat generated by Drakefire weapons instead decrease/increase the speed at which you reel the torpedo in (respectively).

  • Restricted to Ironbreaker only.

Kerillian melee weapons

Dagger & Handbow

  • Based on the weaponry used by Black Ark Corsairs.

  • Essentially a single one-handed dagger but with the ability to shoot a handbow with the alt fire key, similar to Saltzpyre’s Rapier.

  • Has the attributes: Fast Attacks, Headshot damage, and Damage over Time.

  • Restricted to Shade only.

Kerillian ranged weapons:

Starfire Bow

  • Based on the Starfire Shaft Arrows that are available to Glade Guards.

  • Essentially the same as the Hagbane Shortbow, but arrows set enemies on fire instead. Focuses on high single target damage over AoE.

  • Can be aimed.

  • Has the attributes: Damage over Time, Armour Piercing, and Sniper.

  • Carries an ammo count of 1/15.

  • May or may not be restricted to Waystalker only.

Bow of Avelorn

  • Based on the weaponry of the Sisters of Avelorn.

  • Has the attributes: High Damage, Armour Piercing, and Overheat.

  • The bow is magical and does not require ammunition. Uses the Overcharge mechanic instead.

  • Instead of blowing Kerillian up at max Overcharge, the bow becomes disabled until it has cooled down.

  • Restricted to Handmaiden only.

  • Weapon idea shamelessly stolen from this post.

Saltzpyre melee weapons:

Dual Maces

  • Based on the weaponry used by Flagellants.

  • Essentially the same as Kruber’s one-handed mace, but you have two of them.

  • Has the attributes: Fast Attacks, Wide Sweeps, and Crowd Control.

  • Restricted to Zealot only.


  • The Cat o´ nine tails variety, not the horse one.

  • Attacks cause a bleeding effect to make up for the fact that this is a whip, ergo not suited for combat at all.

  • The alt fire key causes Saltzpyre to Flagellate himself with it, taking a small amount of damage. Saltzpyre cannot down himself with this and the bleeding effect is not applied. Flagellation cannot critically strike.

  • Has the attributes: Fast Attacks, Wide Sweeps, and Damage over Time.

  • Restricted to Zealot only.


  • Essentially just Bardin’s one-handed Hammer, but for Saltzpyre and with a more Imperial design to it.

  • That’s it.

Saltzpyre ranged weapons:

Inferno Pistol

  • Technically from 40k, but it could work in the Fantasy setting.

  • Essentially the same as the Drakegun, though probably a lot less powerful.

  • Does have a heat gauge, but instead of blowing Saltzpyre up, the weapon just becomes disabled until it has cooled down.

  • Has the attributes: Crowd Control, Close Range, and Overheat.

  • Has infinite ammo.

  • Restricted to Witch Hunter Captain only.

Double-barreled Shotgun

  • Self-explanatory.

  • Probably doesn’t exist lorewise.

  • Can butt enemies much like the Blunderbuss.

  • Has the attributes: High Damage, Close Range, and Crowd Control.

  • Has an ammo count of 2/10.

Hochland Long Rifle

  • Based on the legendary rifle of the same name.

  • Fires extremely powerful rounds, strong enough to instantly kill man-sized enemies with one shot and kill Chaos Warriors with one headshot.

  • Is equipped with a scope for better aiming.

  • Has the attributes: High Damage, Headshot Damage, and Sniper.

  • Carries an ammo count of 1/5.

  • Restricted to Bounty Hunter only.

Throwing Knives

  • Again, pretty self-explanatory.

  • Knives that miss and hit terrain remain there and can be picked up, however, they expire after 10 seconds have passed of not being picked up.

  • Holding right-click causes Saltzpyre to throw 3 Knives at once in an arc (costs 3 ammo as well).

  • Has the attributes: Rapid Fire, Headshot Damage, and Crowd Control.

  • Carries an ammo count of 1/49.

  • May or may not be restricted to Bounty Hunter only. Unavailable to Witch Hunter Captain regardless.

Sienna melee weapons:


  • Dual claws that have been infused with Aqshy.

  • Has the attributes: Fast Attacks, Close Range, and Damage over Time.

  • Restricted to Unchained only.

  • Weapon idea was shamelessly stolen from this post.

Sienna ranged weapons:

Firewall Staff

  • Insert Anti-Virus meme here.

  • Similar to the Conflageration Staff, where the primary attack is just firing a fireball, but the secondary attack, instead of creating a round circle, it’s a wall of fire.

  • Wall grows in width the longer it is charged. Enemies passing through the wall take damage, of course.

  • Fireballs fired through the wall deal increased damage.

  • Has the attributes: Damage over Time, Crowd Control, and Overheat.

  • Weapon idea was also shamelessly stolen from this post.

Cauterizing Staff

  • Essentially a healing ray.

  • Fires a continous beam in front of you, granting temporary health to allies hit by the beam at a rate of 10 temporary health per second.

  • Holding right-click causes it to restore green health instead of temporary health, however, it halves the healing rate to 5 health per second and it generates Overcharge twice as fast.

  • Deals no damage to enemies.

  • Temporary health cannot exceed the maximum health cap, and decays at the normal rate.

  • Has the attributes: Healing, Versatile, and Overheat.

  • Any properties or traits that increase its damage increases its healing instead. “Critical strikes” grant double the health.

  • May or may not be restricted to Battle Wizard. Unavailable to Unchained regardless.

That’s all I could come up with, and even then, a quarter of the total ideas in this post were just blatantly stolen from someone else.

Feel free to come with your own suggestions that you haven’t already come up with in the dozen other posts concerning new weapons that’ve already been created ages before this one, or just tell me how garbage the ones I presented are.

That’s all the time I have. I gotta get back to playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf on my Nintendo 3DS as I pretend my life isn’t in the hellish conditions it actually is in.


How about FS adds the lore friendly kalashnikov

In all seriousness though, that’s a pretty nice list. :+1:


Hey, you know, I always love threads talking about weapon ideas. Just fun to think on. (And no, I don’t mind you referencing my past thoughts! :D)

Comments on your suggestions:

Spear and Shield would make total sense, but given how boring shield weapons are already, I’m not sure if it’d add that much to the game. :confused:
Crossbow does make total sense, though it’d be nice if it was somehow different from Saltz/Bardin’s. Maybe it could be a heavier one with a crannequin? Although he’s already got a weapon with high damage.
Grenade Launcher: YES, though I’d make them a bit weaker than how bombs are on Live.
Axe and Hammer seems fine, probably what we will get next . . .
Dwarf Pistol is a great idea. I imagine it as being the “big stronk pistol” of the game, like how .44 Magnum or Desert Eagles typically are in shooters.
Blasting Charges would be amazing to see. I wouldn’t make them as strong as Live version bombs, though.
At first, I was thinking; don’t Trollhammer Torpedoes explode? But besides the fact that they do in Total Warhammer, I don’t see any reference to it. It seems they just shoot a spiky torpedo. O_o
Make the Sword and Pistol use a saber - it literally does in the pic you had. The Saber could have at least some different qualities than his regular sword . . . even just a different attack pattern would be enough, IMO.

Some other ideas (and I’m following your example and putting pictures!)

An idea I’d like to see for Kruber is a Carbine; just a cut-down handgun that has good hipfire and damage, but can’t aim - instead it has a bayonet that he can use for single-target AP attacks. Low damage, but a higher-than-average crit chance, so you can use it with Scrounger to keep topped up on ammo - not as well as the Blunder, since it will only hit one enemy at a time.
Carbines did exist as early as the 16th century, as we can see from this example:

And bayonets are definitely a thing in Warhammer, or at least are totally acceptable to add, as Zombie Gunnery Mobs w/ Handguns from Total Warhammer II have them.

Another great option for Kerillian that would shake things up for her would be an Asrai Javelin! It is mentioned in lore, as being magic so that it can go right through armor. I imagine it would be similar to the Throwing Axe, perhaps less damage, but can pierce enemies. I’m not sure how you could justify giving it something like Bardin’s Rune of Flight for re-summoning it, but I suppose it could just like . . . magically grow a new one in her hand, with the old ones disintegrating or something. This is exactly how Orion’s spear works in Total Warhammer, and though he’s a god, I could imagine something similar working for a Waystalker. They are kinda special, after all.
Linking art of Orion, because it shows his spear and at least gives some thought of what an Asrai Javelin might look like.

For Saltzpyre, the first that comes to my mind is the Comet Flail. Okay, so he’s got a regular flail, and Sienna now has a Fire Flail, but this could still be unique.
A picture:
Now what I imagine could be used to make it more unique from the existing flail would be to make it a Great Flail/Two-Handed staff flail.

So imagine that, with two flaming heads. It could have unique attacks like spinning it in a full circle to hit enemies all around Saltz; which would also fit Zealot thematically quite well.
PLUS! Fire is a great purifier. :smiley: Honestly kinda surprised we haven’t seen some fire worked into his kit yet. If you could make a torch more believably weaponized, it could would seem really fitting . . .

Speaking of combo weapons!
Why doesn’t Saltz have a Stake and Mallet! They could literally start as a super-simple wooden stake and mallet like this (for a basic skin):

And end up looking at the fancier end more like this:

In gameplay, he’d attack with both, and the mallet would be like a mace/1h hammer, in that it’s low-damage, but high-cleave, while the stake acts more like a stabbing dagger.
The charged attacks would be most unique, as the first would be a heavy stab with the stake, and the follow-up is the mallet hitting the stake to drive it in - this second hit would have crazy high damage and AP, I think. And how satisfying would that be?

Another one, one of my faves, is the so-called Holy Water Sprinkler, a reinforced club with spikes, a spearpoint, and a gun built into the head!
Here it compared to another mace (on the bottom):

And here is the mouth of the barrel:

My thought is that it would be like a mini-blunderbuss as a special attack. It wouldn’t clear waves or annihilate Maulers in one shot, but it could be used to stagger hyper-density very well. Its attack pattern would be like a baseball bat, roughly, and the occasional heavy stab with both hands using the spear tip.

Bardin still has some other cool options!
First is, of course, the Doomseeker Flail - literally an axe head on a long chain.

Look, that’s just awesome. Maybe doing a chain that long would be trouble, though.

Next is the Cog Axe. It’s a giant cog, as an axe. These are totally loreful, though are mentioned specifically as being used by the youngest Dwarven Master Engineer ever, Grimm Burloksson. It does not say that his axe head rotates, but it does say it can catch other weapons using hydraulic power; if that does mean the head rotates, that can make it hella unique: charged attacks could involve charging it up to unleash a constant stream of weaker hits - just kind of grind through armor or hordes with it, like a melee Drakegun.

Also, dat helm, damn.

Finally, is a long-requested one that only seems sliiiightly lore-stretched, the Caestus. I can’t think of anyone it fits better than a Slayer, and while they typically just use axes, Slayers in the fluff have often used all kinds of various weapons if the fancy strikes them.

So imagine a Dwarven version of that, made of metal. It could utilize light attacks, charged attacks, and the special attack button to allow players a really unique way of doing combos, almost like a light fighting game. I’d imagine they’d have a very high skill ceiling as you learn to utilize certain combos for different scenarios.

On to Sienna; I honestly think you can give her the broadest selection of melee weapons in the game - she’s the one character who has travelled a lot outside the Empire and also has no cultural inclination to dislike foreign things. I could totally imagine her using Lustrian or Khemrian or Cathayan weapons if they were interesting to her, and/or more importantly: were magically imbued. Given that her options are so open on that, I’m just going to suggest a couple staves.
Most of Sienna’s current staves are inspired from spells from the Lore of Fire; Conflagration of Doom, Bolt of Aqshy, Fireball, Flame Storm . . . So I looked there for inspiration.

The first (I have no pictures for these), is the Sanguine Staff. The light attack is simple, shooting pointy arrowhead-shaped bolts relatively quickly. When you do a secondary attack, the weapon starts creating fiery Sanguine Blades around Sienna, the more you charge the more are made, up to, say, six. Pressing the secondary fire again begins launching these high-damaging, AP swords again. Good headshot multiplier. Pressing primary and secondary fire will launch all six at once, at a single target.
Until they’re fired, the swords will persist for a long time (say 30 seconds), which means that this has a unique playstyle of allowing you to go into a situation prepared. You hear the horde coming? Charge it up before they get there. See ambients milling about, charge it up on the approach, launch to soften them up, then go into melee.

The other idea is something that creates a fiery vortex; charge it up, and it moves in a straight line forward, damaging but mostly staggering and knocking down enemies. It’d be like a mini-blightstorm, and could use similar effects, just in fire instead of Nurgle filth.

The last idea is the oddest; Flame Cage. Charging it up will create exactly that, and trap enemies inside its area for a time. Hitting the bars will cause them minor burning damage and push them back, and deal a constant weak DoT while they’re in there. The size wouldn’t be that big, but could be big enough to trap a couple Elites, which means you can use this as a true CC, trapping some enemies so you can deal with the rest. Its primary fire would be a more direct attack, so you aren’t without any ranged attacks. Monsters and bosses would be immune, of course.

Hope your New Leaf is coming along well. :smiley: That’s a nice, relaxing game.

EDIT: Just wanted to add, too, that having bayonets on a gun, big metal fist weapon, cog-themed axes, and the name “sanguine sword” have a lot of significant reference in the OTHER Warhammer . . . seems very thematically “right” to me. :smiley: