Saltzpyre Weapon Suggestion: Rapier and Dagger

People had been talking about this weapon concept for a while, and I went ahead and crudely photoshopped some fake screenshots for it about half a year ago…

I would immagine it as something close to Rapier&Pistol, but with longsword’s riposte mechanic and a “stabby” moveset, more oriented for single target hits.



Heavy 1

Heavy 2

Heavy 3


Here is Kruber Huntsman holding a crank-loaded “Heavy Crossbow”.
(You can easily tell it’s fake by the lack of crosshair.)


What Crossbow model is that ? Is it a weird amalgamation of the Clatter gun and one of the Crossbows or am I mad ?

Rapier and Dagger could be a nice kit for Saltz, another one I’ve seen was Rapier and Buckler (But since I despise shields I would rather take the Rapier and Dagger)


Yeah, it is a mix of a bunch of weapons smashed together.
I combined together Bardin’s crossbow and Saltzpyre’s repeater crossbow, with the handle of Bardin’s Drakegun, crank from Engineer’s Crankgun, and to top it all off, the bolt is actually Kruber’s spear xD

Actually, you would probably like Buklers. They are the size of a dinner plate and usually only cover the fist. So in terms of visibility/utility it is actually a very agile equivalent.
BUT with parrying dagger you can actually stab people :smiley:

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I like it even if daggers aren’t his bag (despite Bounty Hunter having one on his model). On the subject of new weapons, an axe/hammer combo for Bardin. Similar feel to axe/falchion but stagger hammer hits instead of falchion slices. Since Bardin is limited to axes/hammers/mining equipment because of GW I think this would be a good add. Unless we go a similar route to the Hammer and Tome and give him rune enhanced weapons which I wouldn’t be opposed to at all. Ancestor’s Axe and Heirloom Hammer, with similar move tech from special charge functions.


Axe and hammer feel kinda cheap, since there is already the twin hammer and the twin axe

Maybe they could give him runic weaponry:

  • Rune Axe of Fire: Special Attack can charge the rune, working on a heat system that is separate from his ranged weapon
  • Rune of Challenge: Special attack pull out a horn, at it’s note the enemies focus Bardin

Or the Doomseeker

With the release of Warrior Priest and his Flail+Shield, I keep dreaming of having the Doomseeker Axe on Slayer…
With the similar mechanics to normal Flail, but bigger focus on upfront damage and higher reach (like spear or something… Bardin could really use a long melee weapon)

Doomseeker aren’t very much like a flail, their chains are much longer
If they do it, i hope it’s considered a “ranged” weapon and that the OE and the Ranger can both take it too

If I know correctly, Doomseeker axe is a Slayer exclusive thing. Used by individual madlads Slayers, who go in swinging the chain in a circular motion, making everythign around them roll to avoid getting hit.
For me, it does sound similar to how Flail plays in the game when you are spamming heavy attacks to deal with hordes.

And I doubt we will get any God of War chain blade action sadly.

To be fair I think a hammer and axe is much higher hanging fruit than porting Kerillian’s spear and shield to Kruber with a different light combo, or packaging all the existing hammers into ‘skull splitters’ with absolutely nothing new but 1 idle animation for one weapon. Or pairing the existing flail moveset with a shield, but reversing lights 1 and 2 after a shield bash. None of these weapons have any style to them, some are actually recycled content but are popular.

And rune weapons should be heavy on Bardin to differentiate, like a 2 hander axe with a sweep that pulls enemies in. You know, like that billhook selling tip they advertised before they changed it to stumbling enemies (it was originally claimed to ‘pull a single enemy forward’).


Yes but not in the same way as for example the Dark Elf crossbow

We have never gotten anything that outright say that only a Slayer can use it, but it’s has only been featured on Slayer and it’s conception came from a Slayer

So it’s likely that if the Doomseeker are implemented they are going to become a Slayer exclusive (Quite like Handmaiden’s Spear and Shield)

And it shouldn't have been the case

Hammer and axe will get the same accusation that Flachion and Axe got at the time (Or those you gave), but at least they made a new set, Axe and Hammer will simply two similar set stitched together, sure they can give differencing stuff but it’s a low AF hanging fruit

It can be done a varied ways, talismanic runes on books or horns, weapon runes on the weapon itself (Though if it’s a 2h weapon you need an additional rune whose name I forgot

What would it be similar to? We have dual swords, sword and dagger, dual daggers, dual axes, dual hammers, axe/falchion and sword/mace for weapon combos. None of those combines a staggering weapon with an armor piercing weapon. Even if hits 1/4 in the light combo were axe hits it would be different from both the axe/falchion and sword/mace because hammers are perform different from falchions and axes different from swords.

At the end of the day far better new content than ‘hey here’s all the hammer weapons Bardin/Kruber already have with the same moves’.

And I’m saying it would too similar to Twin Hammer and Twin Axe from Bardin, not strictly the rest

None of the mace/sword lights damage armor? How is that even comparable? Or are we just ignoring how the game plays and just using arbitrary poo poos. I’m pretty sure the mace hits did at one point, but they don’t anymore.

And two of one weapon is not the same as a combination of either, or even close to how it would play. Axes have low cleave but armor damage on all attacks. Hammers have higher stagger and cleave but only armor damage with headshots or their overhead strikes/heavies. Again there’s a pretty huge gameplay reality in between ‘oh another weapon combo’ and actually being a reskin. Like the skull splitters which have wimpy moves like the dwarf does because it’s an actual clone we got charged money for, but it’s apparently more fitting than a combo of the only weapons GW will let the dwarf use in melee. Ok

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