Saltzpyre's Next Weapons

Last but not least, Saltzpyre’s weapon selection:

  • Melee
  • Melee Shield
  • Mixed (Melee with Ranged)
  • Mixed (Ranged with Melee)
  • Ranged
  • Magical ?

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I know he doesn’t have any magical weapon but he may have access to some of them with a Dlc career. I don’t really know what battle Book/Codex to look at, there could be variant of Kruber’s weapon, exotic weapons (A Witch Hunter could have access to a Scimitar, a Tulwar or even weapon from Cathay and Nippon), Magical weapons, nobles weapon or more “unique” weapon (Such as an Axe Gun)

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gimme a sword and buckler tbh


Flail & Shield to accompany Wario Priest.


I’d prefer the Flail And Shield on Kruber (after he get a ranged option)


@Incandescent here’s hoping ^^

We talking a standard one handed sword, falchion or rapier?

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And 2-handed flail for Saltz. :+1:

My man’s getting 2 new weapons with his new class, to follow the trend. That will most likely mean one wep all Saltzpyre’s can use and one unique.

Whichever weapon ends up being on all classes I hope has the same flair for the unusual the rest of his arsenal has.

There’s a lot of weird ones out there. Punch blades, spring loaded daggers, ect. Realistic warhammers and warpicks are so underrepresented in fantasy that they’d probably look esoteric next to Kruber/Bardin.

Also this thing Lantern shield - Wikipedia

It’s called a lantern shield but it’s got enough blades and spikes to make a dark elf blush

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my assumption would be falchion? but I wouldn’t mind a more unique blade like a cutlass or something

Would love to see 2 handed flail or rapier n buckler. But what i’d really love to see… n hear me out, Estoc

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I would love rapier with buckler (or perhaps rotella) or parrying dagger and more stab oriented moveset than the rapier we have now.

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