Kruber's Next Dlc Weapon specification

For the next Weapon Dlc should Kruber get a:

  • Ranged
  • Melee
  • Melee (Availlable for GK)
  • Melee with Shield
  • Melee with Shield (Availlable for GK)

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Current Weapon Roster:
Two-Handed SwordHalberdSwordExecutioner SwordTwo-Handed HammerSword and ShieldMaceMace and ShieldMace and SwordTuskgor SpearBretonnian LongswordBretonnian Sword and ShieldSpear and Shield
BlunderbussHandgunRepeater HandgunLongbow

Some possible weapons for the TT/Lore:

Flail And Shield (Work for GK



Theodoric d'Brionne | Warhammer Wiki | Fandom

Kruber already has the most bloated pool of melee options in the game. It’s time for ranged love.

One idea that just came to mind (and I’ve given all of 10 seconds of thought) is a pistol and saber combo that acts as a mostly ranged weapon but has a saber swipe on weapon special. Basically the inverse of Saltzpyre’s rapier and pistol.


I’d like a ranged with shield.
Not even kidding.
How about a hand crossbow, like existing ones with shorter effective range, with a shield, offering a very slight zoom and forward block on rmb, with a narrow angle shield bash on special attack?
Or, I suppose, a bash instead of a shot on ‘push-stab’ if there’s an enemy in melee range.


Surely he should have got a crossbow by now already. It’s puzzled me why he’s been left with poor ranged choices for a while. At least give huntsman a go with Saltzpyres pistols or something.

Throwing daggers, a sword and dagger, Axe and Shield or even a frankish throwing axe would be nice although his melee loadout doesn’t need anything added.

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I would like a new ranged toy to play with but his current arsenal covers the ranged spectrum pretty well. They’re all balanced reasonably well against each other too, new introductions could disrupt that.

Not saying I don’t want a Grenade Launching Blunderbuss :eyes:
Still ideally something usable by all 3 careers.


Lever action rifle with BoP reload style, handgun zoom and repeater rifle dmg. Should be slower than repeater rifle but faster follow up shots than the handgun.


Poisoned throwing knives for Huntsman, headshots instakill man-sized.

A crossbow, really.

This thing:

Throwing Hatchets (non-rufndable?)

Anything please.

Hochland Rifle fit better for Saltz though.

Kruber could maybe have a Crossbow (Though we already have a few of them), Cav. Pistol (Either as a BoP or as a Combo with a sword), Pepperbox Pistol

Also I’m not much of a fan of it but the new Kislevite Streltsi’s Gun- Axe, ranged slot but it’s a melee weapon with an ammo pool or with it’s reload being stuck behind a timer

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Bardin makes Kruber a masterwork blunderbuss.
It’s great, the barrel has a beard, the stock doubles as an axe and brewery, it shoots nails, and it breaks the game.

Fite me.

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As much as I deeply want Kruber (at the very least GK) to get a flail and shield as a weapon option, imo he needs at least two or three new ranged options first.

GL blunderbuss could work if it’s more aoe/anti-unarmoured elites and softening targets up focused than trollhammer which is focused on armoured elites and boss stagger, but I’d like to see some more general-purpose ranged weapons added to Kruber’s arsenal. As good as choices are, having a mere three (four for Huntsman) has gotten stale.

Anything that triggers A Quiet Drink voicelines in the standard game is an automatic yes from me dawg.

All that talk about Grenade Launchers, Crossbows, and Pistols.

I would be pleased about anything thats not a copy with a Kruber sticker on it. Preferably a ranged weapon. If it has to be another melee weapon, not one that cant be used by everyone. Kruber already has too many restricted weapons.