Krubers New Ranged Weapon

Seeing as that during the last weapon dlc everyone but Kruber got a ranged weapon it only fit that in the next Dlc it will be reversed [as in Kruber is the only one to get a ranged option]

But it become more problematic, the last Melee weapon, Spear and Shield isn’t available for the Grail Knight [Knights vow and all that] so if Kruber does get some sort of Ranged weapon it would 2 dlc weapon he can’t use on GK

That’s why the next weapon that Kruber will get will be a Ranged weapon that can be used by GK, the mighty Bretonnian Cheese

You see that old kruber isn’t as daft as they say, he understands the relationships between the Skaven and cheese and decided to use that connection to deliver great dmg to the despoiler

So get ready to throw the Cheese in reckless abandon !

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Left click to throw, right click to eat. Reload will summon another cheese but also has a 50% chance of summoning another bloody bell.

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