Kruber weapons restrictions

Can somone either familiar with the lore; or developer themselves explain why FK cannot use spear or long bow?? I don’t know if the descion was made because some lore idk, or something else.

That being said, spears where probably the most common weapon throughtout every single army in human history. Especailly with knights in formations in the front lines (anti cavalry) although i believe the most common knight weapons where polearms, a spear is similar enough give or take. I can understand a knight not using a bow, there was dedicated bowmen; but i don’t think it was exactly unheard of either. If i remeber correctly FK is able to use the bow in tutorial, yes??

And while we’re on the subject, why isn’t brettonian shield available to other classes while the sword itself is??

Wasn’t sure where to post this, hope it’s the right spot.


Well, you might argue in the Lore that a bow was a commoners weapon, and no knight or man-at-arms would fight with a bow.

Dismounted knights might fight with a lance to blunt a charge - you’re right here - but it would be almost immediately discarded in favour of sword/mace/falcons beak etc for close up melee. FK does get access to Halberd which is the quintessential do-everything polearm.

I thought Kruber was the Merc in tutorial, but it’s been years since I played it.

Brettonian shield on FK with the anti-flamer coupled with the buffs for FK stagger would make him really only vulnerable to hooks/leech and assassins, as even gas can be countered with Numb to Pain. FK is nigh unkillable when built to stagger anyway, and reducing the risks even further would make him even more immune.

Personally, I think it’s purely a matter of build diversity and making each character have it’s own flavour. Giving all classes access to all weapons would give people even less reason to swap from Merc to Huntsman for example. I’d rather see MORE class specific weapons than less, and I hope FS give Kruber another ranged weapon when they release something in the future - be it a career or with Chaos Wastes.

It’s Merc icon, Footknight Active and Hunter Bow

I just want to point out that the Brettonian shield isn’t what blocks flames, its GK passive


Don’t all the shield block projectile (fire included) ?

Wait what? I thought you needed shields equipped to block fire?

You do, but it’s also reliant on GK’s passive.

IMO Bret SnS NEEDS to be made available to his other classes. It’s an all rounder shield weapon available only to a class which doesn’t need all rounder weapons. It’s absurd.

Without GK’s passive shields only block gunners. Do people not read the class’s passive abilities? Not trying to be rude, just shocked how many people didn’t know this when it’s written clearly in GK’s passives.

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Now to respond to the main post. I agree the limitations are silly with the exception of maybe Longbow. Best reason I can come up with for why spear isn’t available for FK is how much stagger power he could get with the thing while still doing good damage. Might legitimately invalidate shields for him but maybe I’m off base about that.

Okay let me clear this up for everyone. All shields block rattling gunners, and they also block attacks from bosses that deal chip damage through blocks. They do NOT block warpfire. This applies to all shields, on all characters.

Grail Knight has a passive ability that allows him to block warpfire with ANY shield equipped.

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I agree 100%. There’s no reasom Bret shield should be limited; especailly considering the sword is not. It is a great all rounder akin to the halberd and his other classes would benefit greatly for it. Just look at how well merc does with bret sword.

Everyone always views shields as stagger machines, and that’s really just a side grade thing. Their main purpose is their powerful defense that allows them to tank bosses and bad situations like having a horde between you and the ratling, or tanking that patrol so your team who can’t output the same defense as you, can focus their offense. As someone who plays alot of FK, its very noticable how much less damage you take when fighting bosses. Shields are first and foremost defensive tools.

The only exception to this id say is handmaiden shield, its much more offense oriented, in terms of design. It just happens to be on the character with infinite stamina and 90% block cost reduction… Making it also one of the tankiest shields in the game. But thats the character not the shield. If you put spear and shield on other characters it would be alot more different; alot more offense oriented.

Honestly I think it’s just mainly for the diversity.
But I will give a few of my opinions on some of the mentioned weapons because it’s fun. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think Bret SnS is only usable on GK because of its bretonnian heraldry on he shield. It’s strange the same doesn’t apply in reverse but I guess the diversity won over it in this regard.

As far as I know knights in full plate usually preferred more specialized weapons like a poleaxe to a generalist weapon like a spear, and he can use halberd which is kinda close to the poleaxe and is still a polearm if you want that.

As for longbow on FK, I think the string could have a problem of catching on the full plate harness. And even if not, probably wouldn’t be the most comfortable weapon to use in the armour. Merc wouldn’t have this problem as much but I guess they wanted huntsman to have something special.


Surprised no mention of GK not being able to use spear or halberd? Also lore reasons??

Yes, lore reasons. Those are peasant weapons, and without being on horseback a lance doesn’t make much sense. I know, the spear 1st heavy would be a perfect representation for a knightly charge, but unless with get a combo of FK charge with GK virtue of audacity 2nd attack he has to do without it.

They’re peasant weapons never to be used by the likes of a grail knight, from memory.

For the spear, it’s because of the lore and because it’s imbalanced with high stam careers (FK/GK).

I wouldn’t be surprised if GW likes to keep an eye on these surface level details, which probably limits Fatshark.

I’d say Kruber is still an Empire guy whether he embraces the Bretonnian or not he’s going to have his same mustache flair and French ancestry to go either way.

Would make sense to me he may prefer his past weapons as a Empire or try out his new Bretonnian ancestry whether he accepts the Grail Knight call or not. Hes a unique hero not a army restricted unit but I’m no lore expert.

I was super pumped about the man spear but lost interest quick when FK wasn’t allowed to use it.

It’s basically a tank weapon with all of those stam shields. Would have been perfect for FK’s increased stam passive plus some stam regen. He would be able to bully the enemies for daaaaays lol

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