Longbow for Foot Knight?

  • During the Prologue, you play as Foot Knight and get to use the longbow.
  • Imperial knights train with bows just like knights in real life did (or at least depending on the Imperial Knightly Order).
  • Foot Knight is a foot soldier (it’s in the name), extra points for using a bow.
  • Kruber had a peasant upbringing, and worships Taal, which would lend him even more points for using a bow.
  • FK has skins like the green Hermit Knight skin, perfect to use when playing with a Spear & Longbow “Huntsman Knight”.
  • Makes FK more versatile and well-rounded than Mercenary, more reason to pick FK over Mercenary.

look longbow on FK would be lore breaking

shield and longbow however…


I like the idea, and it wouldn’t be OP because the talents aren’t geared towards ranged like Huntsman’s.

To add to this, I think it would be nice if Kruber had a crossbow-like weapon available to Merc, Huntsman, and Foot Knight. I say a heavy arbalest like the Imperial Crossbowmen have in Warhammer. The Tilean mercenaries use them in the Warhammer universe.

It would be something that’s not as penetrative as a handgun or longbow, but has more base ammo (20). Similarish to Saltzpyre or Bardin’s crossbow, but heavier, slower, and a bit more punch.


I’m actually real curious how longbow would play on Footknight.

I know it’s an unpopular opinion, but personally I’d like to see even more item restrictions (flail restricted to zealot for example, but mostly coghammer for engineer only).
I like that the careers play differently, and I’d emphasize their uniqueness. For this reason my least favorite weapon pack was BtU’s. Before dual weapons were only for the elf and the slayer class.

Another reason is that it would make the game easier to balance. For example, the coghammer is fine on the engineer, as it’s not a very strong melee class otherwise, but it gets OP on slayer.


But… a lot of stuff can be said to be overpowered on a melee career with a metric ton of steroids.

Even if we were to say that not all of keri´s melee weapons are in the overpowered territory they kinda are if handmaiden is the one using them. And to mirror that, weapons like saltz flail i´d say are weak on careers except zealot but he can build it to be pretty powerful somewhat unexpectedly.

Not really ever good vs monsters but powerful or at least decent enough against anything and everything else counts.

Out of curiosity I loaded into modrealm to play with FK manbow

After completing the required hour of dressing up FK in different skins i finally hopped into a
map with manbow.

Man, I’m convinced FK could hit some strong breakpoints with bow. It triggers Have at Thee and was bodyshotting SV. Bodyshots specials. 2 shots Maulers. Without Have at Thee it was doing ok.

I don’t see the appeal of having spear on FK. Why was that weapon nerfed again? Edit: nvm, I’m using staggering force and stunlocking cw’s with lights

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It used to have innate BCR nearly on par with shields, shield strength pushes (meaning you reached stagger breakpoints same as with shield), super safe and strong weapon while also dealing good damage.

I think it just lost its innate BCR, lowered its push strength to medium level (like greatsword), and maybe some stagger strength on some of its attacks? Don’t quite remember, but it deserved it.


just the first 2 nerfs

brought it into line very handidly but it’s still a very solid weapon; definitely one of kruber’s better ones

Those heavy one, where you have the foothold to set it back

Heavy, but heavier and take ages to load back up (But please first GL Blunderbuss and Flail and Shied


Oh yeah, which makes it suck all the more when they nerf a weapon which other classes could have used. The best example in my mind would be saltzpyre’s repeater pistol. It was crazy on BH, so it got nerfed to oblivion, now it’s only usable on that career, for the rest it’s trash. At this point I’d rather have it be exclusive to the BH.

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I do think the repeater is a bit of an outlier that isnt really the same as say zealot flail which while best on zealot, wasnt ever overpowered as far as i know.

But that said, you might have a point in it being a good idea with locking repeater to BH if its going to be balanced around him to such a degree anyway. Maybe that would make balancing it easier.

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Well its push attack/heavy sweep has the same profile as 2h hammer heavies from memory, and FK can hit some nice stagger breakpoints with that attack. Pretty nice option if you want fairly heavy stagger with respectable damage and a good bit of safety.

It’s bad even on BH lol. But that’s a discussion that’s been done plenty on other threads…


tbf repeater was always bad on everyone but BH

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It’s super meta on Warrior Priest though.


For Warrior priest, anything that can be used to smite evil is meta :joy:

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