Spear for Foot Knight?

Since the Spear & Shield is available to Foot Knight, would it be possible to also make the Tuskgor Spear accessible to Foot Knight as well? Makes no logical sense to keep it locked while Spear & Shield will be available, and clearly whatever problem you had thematically is no longer present. Not that it made much sense to begin with, since one of the descriptions for a spear skin mentions a Knight of the Blazing Sun skewering multiple foes.


Using a spear from horseback and using it on foot are two completely different things^^

And what does that have to do with my post? Do you mean the illusion description?

Eh, just making a silly reference to how such knights would refuse weapons like the spear(on foot) because they were peasants weaponry but then use those or very similar weapons happily on horseback.

I wonder if the Samurai and their code had a similarly weird relationship with bows? Oh well.

That’s more of a Brettonian thing. Grail Knight can’t use any polearms like halberd or spear, while Foot Knight has halberd available, will soon get spear & shield, so it would be weird if the unshielded variant was still locked.


Wait who says the spear and shield will be available to FK ?

honestly i’m actually bummed that krubs isn’t getting a new ranged weapon, really don’t need a 4th shield on him


What Are the New Weapons and Which Classes Can Use Them?

  • Spear and Shield (Mercenary, Huntsman, Foot Knight)
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Thanks, I hadn’t seen that one. The information is quite spread out

Not arguing for our against usage of spear on Foot Knight.

Just wanted to say that the Knights of the blazing sun are not typical examples for knighthood. They are known to use any tool at disposal for an advantage in battle. Exactly the reason why I suggested maiden of the blazing sun as potential new career for Sienna :yum:

Can’t say yes or no, I’ve never heard the Blazing Sun be any different in any particular way. Besides, Kruber is specifically a Foot Knight anyways, not a traditional horseback knight. That, and his peasant upbringing.

I would love to see a change in availability for the spear. I get why the GK wont use it, since Krubers character change from drinking too much of that shady witches goblet is quite noticeable, but not using it as a FK always seemed rather questionable.

Balancing wise I also cant tell what would speak against it. Using it in the modded realm didnt turn the FK into Sigmar.


The knights spend a great deal of time training in rather unusual methods of warfare, unafraid to experiment with ploys, tactics, and equipment other Knightly Orders might overlook or find dishonourable. Many of these Knights are even well-trained archers, a result which lead to the formation of the Knights of the Verdant Field. Some of the knights have even been known to use highly burnished shields, employed to dazzle the knights’ opponents with reflected sunlight and strike while they’re blind.

Can give the source too. Just an on smartphone and marking and copying text is a pain.

Very cool. So make spear conditionally available if you wear the Livery of the Blazing Sun + premium hat?

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Haha, I like your train of thought. But cosmetics having actual gameplay influence sounds … Troublesome :sweat_smile:

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nonono is very good idea. release cosmetics with stats like extra helf adn dmg. spiky hat + 20^ powr. twenty amerikan


I’ve been meaning to try this myself. On paper the synergy looks pretty strong. From using it how would you rate it as a FK weapon? How competitive do you think it would be for him if it were unlocked?

Basically what you would expect from using it on Huntsman, plus the 15% attack speed from Crowd Clearer. Quite nice.
Iam not proficient enough in stagger breakpoints to tell whats possible when you use Opportunist and Staggering Force.

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This thing is fresh enough to not be a necro I think? Everything Rebel said is still true.
Can we please have the Tuskgor Spear for the Mighty Moustashe Knight?


Yeah agreed. After trying spear and shield on him just recently I’m honestly disappointed. Damn thing just doesn’t feel good to use. Would love to have spear on FK, it fits him well and it’s just a nice feeling weapon.

Really don’t get why this restriction was ever necessary.

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