How are the five new WoM weapons?

Playing on Xbox One here, so its going to be awhile until I see them.

(Side note: board chatter has been very quiet about the new weapons, which is surprising)

They are fine. Not amazing, but fine.

The throwing axes are the only standouts, since they add something the game has never had before. The other weapons are basically just reskins or recombinations of things that already existed.


Well, billhook is definitely a new weapon with a new mechanic, too.
Stunlocking every enemy and disrupting them is a neat feature, and i already saw some awesome gameplay with it (was carried by a WHC with it on Dark Omens).

Krubers spear is a slower but heavier version of the elf spear, with some neat crowd-control (horizontal attacks), as well as more then decent dmg. Heavy stab can be hold forever like Kerillians 2h sword stab.

Handmaidens spear and shield shares some similarities with her regular spear, but the higher mobility (in comparison with other shield weapons) and good synergy with her abilities makes it a perfect crowd-controller.

Sienna’s flail is very similar to Victors flail, only the first light and first heavy attack are different: first light is the same attack as the block attack, so horizontal, and the the first heavy is an explosion upon hitting a target with very good stagger (currently bugged as it only sets the primary target hit on fire with resulting burning damage).

Balancing was in a way better on launch then the bögenhafen weapons, as some of them were outperforming other weapons by no small margin. A&F was finally nerfed with recent patches (lower mobility).


Honestly really good, they all work fine in Cata (so same issue of being too good like the BtU weps).

Throwing axes were asked for and they delivered, kind of tough to get used to but are quite strong.

Billhook can literally stunlock enemies. It’s silly but so so satisfying to hook a hookrat. Also huge headshot damage.

People are sleeping on Kruber’s spear because it doesn’t delete elites like xsword, which is silly because it’s also kind of stupidly strong. Can attack monsters outside of boss’s reach, can CC better than 2h sword and 2h hammer, fast attacks, respectable damage.

Elf Shield has it’s issues, but also has the honor of being the only shield weapon that can actually kill stuff.

Fire Flail is the odd one out. I’ve always loved flail and fire flail is identical with a different heavy attack that seems to be bugged.


I really like Siennas new weapon, you can charge the heavy attack as long as you like so you can time the attacks better. The knockdown on the heavy attack is great too, gives you some crowd control.


Other players have already described them. I can just say that they are balanced.

Imho the new weapons add something at almost every career but without overshadow the old weapons.

Without doubts, the best DLC part… but IMHO if you are interested ONLY to the new weapons, you should wait for a price drop (anyway when DLC will be avaible for console).


I would love the Flail but it’s bugged and it’s explosion only does single target damage. If they fixed it, it’d be awesome. Still doesn’t change the fact that it’s a reskin +1 attack.

Billhook TBH I never got around to trying before I got my refund.


As for me the new weapons are nothing special with two exceptions.
First - Bardin’s throwin axes. Rly cool new weapon with new mechanic
Second - Handmaidens spear and shield. Medicore but ok.

Rest is simply copy paste from the others witch cosmetic changes.
Billhook is like Kruber’s halberd
Kruber Spear is like Kerillian’s spear
Flame flail is like Saltz flail

As @souI23 said the best part of dlc, but it’s not worth spending so much money only for these weapons. It is better to wait for a solid price reduction.

I forgot to add that so far there are no red skins for these weapons.

My main is FK, and the new weapon is very… oh, wait! :scream:


You can use heavy spear on FK? Didn’t know that.

Any other limitations?

Elf Shield is locked to handmaiden, throwing axe is locked to ranger and slayer.

It sounds strict, but I’m honestly for it. Will admit, don’t really know how to justify FK not getting the spear.


No you can’t. Spear is only for Mercenary and Hunter.
Spear and Shield is only for Handmaiden, and throwing axes for Slayer and Ranger

Why FK don’t have spear? Maybe because he is counted as knight, and spear is not knights weapon at all.

only for huntsman and mercenary.

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I am conflicted about the Throwing Axes. On one hand, they’re fun to play with. On the other, I was getting some serious carpal tunnel from trying to use them because constantly holding down R while still trying to WASD was really hard on my hand. I don’t get how someone thought it was a good idea that R has to be held rather than clicked once to activate the reload like, for example, Brace of Pistols.


I feel like the Billhook is an amazingly fun weapon that’s not getting enough attention.


Kruber spear is just upgraded halberd (poor halberd :confused: )
axes are ok in very good spot
shield spear is faster than normal spear and thats dumb as hell (with same or better damage)
flail is amazingly op in term of CC

I’m still hoping they’ll change it to be a press once to activate thing (keeping the throwing axe reload otherwise the same). The way it is now kinda takes you out of the game with how clunky it is to reload it.

In the mean time I’d advise putting reload on a mouse button so you don’t interfere with your WASD movement (that applies to venting too; man I wish FS would give us the option to have a 2nd keybinding for actions).


Yeah, click to retrieve instead of hold would be a very welcome QoL change indeed.

Otherwise the throwing axes and the other new weapons are all pretty good actually. They add something new their user didn’t really have before (maybe spear is a bit similar to halberd but it still feels a little different), are all viable, wothout being overpowered on the other hand. They struck a really good balance with them I think.