Looks like the spear is getting some work according to Robin who is a developer

Incredible how people tried to defend the mobility and damage the weapon did when it was clearly OVER POWERED.


The damage was fine, the 4 stamina was fine, the mobility wasn’t necessary but there is considerably more over tuned stuff in the game that is being ignored because of all the screeching over elf who is middle of the road right now anyway.


yeah, all that cleave power. why devs listened to idiots like the guy saying it had more cleaving power than a 2H hammer is beyond me.


i’ll upload myself trying to deal with a cultist horde soon. the frame rate is pretty bad because OBS was messing up but it is what it is. this was recorded BEFORE the update.

after playing with the spear for 15 levels with the elf i found that one of the things that made the spear so OP was using quick attacks. on the 3rd or maybe 4th quick attack it did a cleave attack that felt broken. the damage on it was crazy. it had to be balanced.

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after playing with the halberd for one map i found that one of the things that made the halberd so OP was quick attacks. it seems to cleave everything and the third attack does an overhead on armored targets without aiming that felt broken. the damage on it was crazy, even this OP elf 11 levels above me couldn’t keep up. it needs to be balanced.


Regarding spear- seems like sadly Devs listened to idiots. Well, nvm, that won’t give them the skill anyway.

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childish. guess i wont bother replying to you then.

you’ve never been able to anyways. nothing you have ever said in regards to this weapon has any merit meanwhile i’ve shown the amazing “cleave power” that supposedly needed nerfed. but i guess you and the other guy can keep living in fantasy world where it had the cleave abilities of a hammer.

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Lets hope the talent and passive changes made the handmaiden better, otherwise spear nerf + her rather lacking kit will make nobody in their right mind will play handmaiden on legend…

im pretty certain they buffed her other classes based on all the feedback they got. they were way too weak to begin with.

I hope so, I dreamed to be a “high elf” tank ever since they talked about how she was melee fighter who is all about helping the team and taking aggro, yet ingame, she was almost none of that, melee wasn’t safe at all, she needed even more HP, her revive is just too similar to block revive etc And she isn’t a tank as supposed, if spear was locked to her yes she could possibly be considered tank thanks to the 180 block and push, but that it…

From Robin: full rework/retweak pass on all the talents/passives

if they are still too weak then ill be one of t he first to post feedback on the issue :slight_smile:

Yup as I said, I hope so ^^ will have to wait the 18 hours download to finish first to check this out…

taken right before the game went live. sorry for the poor playing, OBS was causing my game to run at like 20 fps for whatever reason. here we put those guy’s from the now hidden thread’s theory of “spam charge move to clear waves” to the test. step aside 2H hammers, you’ve met your end!

i dread to see how little this thing hits now.

WTF? they nerfed it MORE? Thats just… wow.

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Actually the spear nerf wasn’t in the pre order beta, they said in a stream they will nerf it but they didn’t during beta, this is the nerf they talked of

no, it was changed after they had initially announced that and anyone using it recognized it.

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Was there something wrong there?

It’s their game. They may do all the stupid things they like.
All of her other weapons are very good. Except 2h sword.

the 2h moveset is actually quite decent if you learn to use it well.

imo 1h sword for her is the weakest. slow attack and movement speed, bad angle for light attacks.