Revertion of the latest round of spear (Elf) changes

As it says on the tin. The changes were harmful for the weapon and the character in general, and more importantly - were made based on outright false, deceitful and -objectively wrong- feedback.

I can extoll a lot of text here, or I can present two threads that support my first statement - which I will.

Please see past the OP of either and into the actual discussion. Looking for some more feedback on this and as to why these claims were not properly verified before the spear changes rolled out - because it sets a standard that all I need to do is start fifty threads over a month over something I don’t like, spouting lies about it, and it will warrant the nerfs I so desperately crave - and that is a standard I do not like seeing Fatshark adhere to.


Now, I’m not just going to agree here, but let me ask this question:
What has actually changed on the spear?
I’ve used it sparingly in Open Beta, and now somewhat more with Handmaiden, and it certainly felt a bit slower - maybe something else, but still competitive, in it’s own way.
I’d really like to know what the actual point of contention is.

Dash distance on charged stabs nearly halved; attack speed on light progression nearly halved - over a dunce spamming threads claiming the charged sweep/horizontal light could ‘cleave 2 chaos warriors’, with multiple challenges and video evidence that it never could.

You also forgot the 4 shields it used to have getting cut down to 3. Though those are the main, noticeable effects.

You throw a childish temper tantrum because an overpowered weapon got balanced back to the level of all the other weapons?

I’m throwing a “temper tantrum”, my handsome-if-ignorant fellow forum-goer, because all of the ‘evidence’ and ‘feedback’ fabricated to justify the changes to aforementioned weapon were just that - false fabrications supported by zero actual evidence or footage.

I was on the train for elf nerfs repeatedly. But when the nerfs happen not for the sake of balance and grounded in spiteful, false accusations, it jimmies my rustles.

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Don’t feed the troll.^^

If the spear is nerfed now, then I guess it was justified. Because I find the spear very strong. Good for packs in combination with bow and everything inbetween.

The spear is still incredibly powerful, especially for Handmaiden. There’s no need to nerf it further, or to revert changes made to it. Before, it was much stronger than it needed to be and other weapons weren’t as useful as a result. Now that it has a niche as a tanking weapon, other weapons can see use in their own particular specialized areas.