Spear for Foot Knight?

i’m 90% sure the reason why the spear is not avaiable on foot knight is simply because it would become a dominant pick. It’s already really good on Huntsman because of stagger temp health alone. Now on Foot knight, with his push talents, insane attack speed, Extra stagger talent and on top of that, him having Stagger Temp Hp… i dont know, would possibly become op, specially the stagger temp hp + more stagger power.

A argument against this is that his ult already has enough crown control, so bringing a exclusively crowd control and anti-horde weapon would be reduntant, as it really doesnt do much besides that. But it could potentially invalidate shields to a certain extent (shields would beat it only in the push capabilities, foot knight however has his ult for elites and the spear has insane crowd controll and horde clear, probably making it more valuable).

@Radina.Shevu and I have both tried out spear FK on modded and can confirm that while it’s definitely a strong pick, it is by no means overbearing or “OP” (can’t help but laugh putting FK and OP in the same sentence).

If added it would for sure be joining my current weapon rotation, going alongside shields, Bret sword, Mace + Sword (now that’s an overtuned weapon), and 2h Hammer. The only one of those I could see it directly outcompeting is 2h hammer, but even then I’m fairly sure it loses out on super armour damage pretty hard compared to 2h hammer.

Also FS can’t just add moonbow and SotT to the game then act like balance is a major enough concern to restrict this weapon. FK with spear wouldn’t even appear in a list of top 20 overtuned combos.

I’m 90% sure the extra stagger talent does effectively nothing for stagger thp. Open to being corrected on that but I am pretty damn sure there’s no interaction there.


Alright, no need to be a jerk first of all, i did make it clear it would become a dominant pick on FK, not OP, and FK is very strong without the spear already, so i don’t see what’s so funny about it.
Personally, the only things i consider viable on Foot Knight are the Mace and Shield and maybe the 2H hammer (however with Grail knight in the game you only want to pick it on Foot knight if you need a ranged weapon). Having the Spear in his arsenal would work as somewhat of a middle ground between them, but would almost compleatly outclasses the function of a shield weapon, and would likely be way better than the 2H hammer unless in the niche you really need armor damage (but then again you can just play grail knight), that’s why i’m saying it could become a dominant pick.
I don’t see why you would ever want to pick the Mace and Sword or the Bret sword on him, might aswell play mercenary.

You’re reading something that isn’t there my dude. Absolutely none of my post was meant to be a slight against you in any regards. I’m honestly confused how you got that impression. I was just trying to add first hand experience to the discussion.

I don’t believe that’s correct at all. Shields hit stagger breakpoints the spear cannot, and have literally infinite cleave as well as stagger thp generation on a level just about nothing else can match. Shields would still definitely have the niche they always have on FK.

Because not everyone is out here straight meta gaming? Different classes play and feel different and that it as much a reason to play them or not as their effectiveness. I like FK and play him despite knowing he is not optimal at basically anything. You’d take mace and sword or Bret sword because you’ve already got his Ult for stagger, and thus might want something to help with DPS, which is something FK otherwise lacks and being super dependent on other players to do damage for you in QP is often not a very good time.

You’d probably struggle to find other people here that share that opinion. FK is mostly fine. Very strong? Eehhhhh no, not compared to an awful lot of things in the game. Again I’m far from alone in this viewpoint.


Shields can stagger infinite Elites including Berserkers and CWs so it will always have uses on FK. Spear can be an easy-to-use 2H hammer, but it still can’t stagger multiple elites at once and doesn’t have that anti-armor dps 2H hammer has. Not saying spear will be bad on FK, but I also don’t see it becoming that dominant. It will be a simple addition of a weapon.

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Precisely this. It adds a nice middle ground weapon between offence and defence. More versatile at the cost of being less potent overall with a coordinated group than more specialised weapons.

Might aswell play Merc is the dominant motto of FK for a long while. They do equally well, or more like bad, at monsters, have the same range options, equal DR, but Mercs passives kick skaven backsides, while FK is plagued with a stagger ult that gets constantly screwed by light stagger overwritting it. An age old bug Fatshark refuses to take seriously because FKs ears are not pointy enough to care about him.

Adding the pointy stick on FK would definitely add another strong weapon into his pool, but we talk “Kruber strong”, not “Elgi strong”.


Yeah is absolutly inexusable that this still han’t been fixed, i don’t think it should be that hard to do.
About the spear i always thought it fitting much more FK than Merc, i know that Merc spear is considered a meta thing but honestly i can’t see why.

I was talking about spear not S/S

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