So..... Grail Knight Kruber

I don’t know what everyone else thinks, but this is such a weird career switch that now I’m almost certain we’ll get Spellsinger Kerilian at some point.

Edit: Fatshark now confirmed that Kruber’s in fact a bretonnian noble’s descendant.


Interesting to see how a Knight class is going to be really different from his Knight class.


As different as a grail is from a foot, I’d imagine.


Gonna be slayer but with a kruber skin.
Or just have some kind of banner as a secondary.

Idk lore so i’m just saying random stuff

Remember overconfidence is slow and insidious killer

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I am not big on the lore of Warhammer, could someone educate me what a Bretonnian Knight is what he could bring in terms of talents or weapon choice?


well it’s foot knight on a horse, just without a horse :man_shrugging:
sry, just kidding I’m not so into it aswell but I do not care as much anyways.

I was no fan of new classes before and probably won’t become a fan now,
even if Markus is my most played character.
Probably would have been better to introduce a whole new character instead
and push the story around the U5 with it (even if that causes some problems with that char suddenly appearing on “old maps”) but i could life better with that than Markus suddenly turning into a Bretonnian… my prediction for Bardins next class: Goblin Shaman :neutral_face:


I want a trusty battle steed. I will call mine “Muffins”.


They said there will be new weapons too… so I suppose these weapons (Grail only, I bet) will make the difference.

1st thing, no ranged. Bretonnian nobility despises this honorless approach to combat, that’s why all ranged stuff is done by peasants.
Melee could be quite different, as a lot of the Bretonnian Dukes (of whom most are grail knights) use different weapons, although the regular version of a Grail Knight would only use sword and shield or lance and shield, and that’s the tricky part: They, with exceptions as rare as intelligent Trolls, only fight from horseback. It’ll have to be represented somewhat in his talent tree or even has something to do with his ult.
There may be ‘lesser’ Knights who don’t fight from horseback as well as some Hermit Knights might do, but no sane/insane Grail Knight would do that.
Back to weapons: Axes, maces, 2h swords, all game.

Grail Knights are blessed by the Lady of the Lake, which gives them superhuman abilities, like speed, strength, durability, magic (-ly enhanced through their faith) attacks as well as regeneration (without any downsides like being vulnerable to fire). Also maybe slightly glowing eyes.
A Grail Knight is kind of out of the league of the Ü5, but a Waystalker would be too, so the exception already exists. But the contrast to Krubers other carriers is just too… crass.
A Footknight is the lowest rank, just a regular Empire Knight without even a horse. The Grail Knight is… end tier cavalry.


A grail knight is a knight of Bretonnia who has shown himself to be worthy of the Lady of the Lake’s blessing. To become a grail knight, you must first take the vow of the Questing Knight, and prove yourself worthy by slaying all manner of beasts and enemies of Bretonnia and the enemies of her peoples.

Grail knights are demigod knights, the ultimate human warrior. They possess eternal life and supernatural strength, agility, durability and regeneration, and put honour and the Lady above all else.
They are usually cavalry, and like all Bretonnian knights, forsake any form of ranged weaponry.


That’s not correct, they do die of old age, i don’t think they even get as old as dwarves.
No precise lore on that of course, only that when they get older they become Hermit Knights, protecting shrines or holy sites of the Lady and eventually die; but i wouldn’t go quite as far as to compare their age to the likes of that knight from Indiana Jones who protected the Holy Grail (who must’ve lived for a couple hundred years).

On another matter though: as this career is already underway and at this point almost completely finished, this opens (wanted or not) a huge window for the careers of the other heroes.

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I don’t think using dwarves as an example is a good choice. Dwarves are immensely stubborn and through that stubborness, can stay alive forever if they don’t die in battle and decide that their time isn’t yet over.
But yes, grail knights are seemingly immortal.

Like I said in the OP, I’m rooting for (hehe) Spellsinger Kerilian.

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With enough humor and tongue-in-cheek dialogue and a suspension of disbelief, it could work.

I mean we already represent Kerillian in 3 separate races.

All elves are the same race. The only difference between high, wood and dark elf is geography, the gods they worship and their ideologies. They are not separate races, but separate peoples.


That’s the same for Bretonnians and Imperials and Norsca and even Undeads (well technically they are just dead humans) too, isn’t it? Ok let’s not start this discussion here too maybe… :flushed:

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Hopefully it will be Loremaster or Archmage


I would absolutely love a Loremaster of Hoeth career!

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I mean… as long as it is not Druchii scum Sorceress or something, I’ll take any new Kerillian career FS can give us, but Loremaster would be the best indeed

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From a fanboy perspective I’m like :heart_eyes: at a Grail Knight. Together with Dwarves the Bretonnians are my favorite faction (never got a miniature army with them but played alot in Total War) so their inclusion is from that perspective really cool.


From a lore perspective this is really odd. While the part of the quest to prove your worth to the Lady of the Lake has been said, the Lady of the Lake is not a goddess of everyone.

It seems that you have to be a noble-born Bretonnian knight making a specific oath towards the Lady and live according to a pretty harsh life style in order to become and be a Grail Knight. It really isn’t for everyone nor do I think that the Lady takes applications from anyone. And Kruber being both a non-Bretonnian as well as a commoner does not seem like he could be a Grail Knight according to the lore.

But hey, I could be wrong and since I love Bretonnia and Bretonnian stuff I’m perfectly willing to go along with this and kill pact-sworn with a chivalric flair.

For the Lady! :star_struck: