So, Bretonnian Greatsword? Or new Bretonnian Illusion(Skin) for Kruber's Greatsword?

Hopefully, it’s coming with a reworked or new animation(s).


Its longsword not greatsword. They clearly hold twohanded swords and brett sword is 1,5h its not as long and dont have that big guard but have long enough handle for 2 hands use

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↑ “Their two handed swords” ↑

↑ “double handed sword” ↑

What about a Trident ? Doesn’t one of the Lord of Bretonnia use one ?

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I’m not sure who is, but yes, they use it.

Are there any other weapon that is weird/noteworthy in Bretonnia ?



Morning star ※A spiked metal ball one, not the peasant’s polearm one,



Lance is for mounted knights only. Give us horse before.

I’d love to get one Bretonnian Great Axe. A real man’s weapon.

(also because Kruber has not so many armor-piercing weapons, it be useful).

P.S: Anyway, I approve of adding new illusions to existing weapons. To expand the collection.

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