Return to Ubersreik Steam page is up!

But it doesn’t really give many details except that they are calling Olesia a Grey Wizard.

3 days to go.


It’s cool it’s coming so soon and to see it up and all - but I’m really surprised there wasn’t any sort of official announcement or summary or . . . well . . . anything.

Oh, well! Only four or so days to go!

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Aaah finally. Hopefully they give us a new Lord to fight! Never played V1 so its all new to me! Excited to play them!!



3 maps:

  • Horn of Magnus
  • Engines of War
  • ???

? new weapons:

  • Dual Hammers

Mined game data:


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IRL: Bec de corbin

Two handed polearm


Bec de corbin, a weapon used by Bretonnian knights. No images probably the above as Bretonnia is inspired by IRL France.
Crowbill picks are also mentioned as Dawi and Human weapons. No images, described as a pick with a hammer on one side.

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