[Bretonnian Longsword + Bret. Sword and Shield] Increase blade length

Currently the Bretonnian Longsword model (which is also used in the Bret. Sword and Shield weapon) has the same blade length as the “normal” Sword and Shield weapon.

Please click on one image to open the image viewer and scroll through the images with the arrow keys, or open the images in new tabs and switch between them to see it more easily.

Bretonnian Sword and Shield:

Imperial Sword and Shield:

Since the Bretonnian Longsword is based on the historical European Longsword (which was in fact a purely two-handed sword) and carries the name bastard_sword (which is a so called one-and-a-half-sword) in the code, I argue that the blade should be a bit longer than the “normal” sword of the Sword and Shield weapon.

It should have a length between the Imperial Sword and the Greatsword, here are some quick mockups.

Mockup 1

Default length:

Longer blade:


Mockup 2

Default length:

Longer blade:



It’s a nitpick, but a nitpick I can get behind.


No, the weapon is based on bastard swords not on longswords.
So this is actually a normal sword with a longer hilt. That’s why GN can wield it by one and two hands.
Actually all swords in the game are bastard swords and even daggers have 2 handed hilts so the different name is just playing with the words.

What I find problematic using the sword doesn’t give the feel I use a bastard sword.

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