Grail Knight's Longsword and Longsword & Shield

First the new Long sword’s animations and combos are like exactly what I wanted from the Two-handed Swords (Great Swords). Especially that blocking animation what exactly wanted.

Edit: I thought he using it with both hands. Well, it looks like it is in 1st person. But in 3rd person… it just gone wrong. Why he moving his a whole upper body down? He has bloody stong spines huh? Anyway, in the 1st person, it is great. And in 3rd person, I didn’t saw it all, but the block animation is both good in 1st and 3rd.

And I think the new Longsword and Shiled shows where the Shields that other than Kerllian’s Spear and Shield should go and be like.

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Absolutely love both the new weapons. Awful curious if anyone’s data mined them to see if they have any mass or crit chance modifiers on any of their attacks.

@Pershing maybe?

no bonus crit chance on either, the Bret Longsword has heavy linesman on heavies, linesman on light sweeps
Bret Longsword and shield has linesman on heavy 1, and the light sweeps


Ok no wonder Bret longsword feels amazing lol. And damn linesman on a shield? That’s pretty nice.

Thanks for the info!