I think Bretonnian Longsword and Shield is weaker/less-useful than the other shields

Because of its attack patterns. I really love it’s look, but it feels really worse than the other shields. Especially after the BBB.

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Agreed. Empire S&S’s attack pattern is perfect, I’d never choose anything over it just because of this.

Now, this doesn’t mean to change Empire S&S, right? Instead, adjust the new one, thank you.


The brettonian S&S is a weapon for a completely different role than the imperial S&S. Just like the Grail Knight itself, the weapon is designed with killing single targets in mind, and fighting hordes as an afterthought. With the right perk setup, I could one shot Stormvermin on the first charge attack, and it also has that sweet push attack - power attack double stab combo.

It’s only mediocre vs. hordes, however, and if you took the weapon to cover that role it’ll disappoint. It lacks nice sweeps and an easily available bash, which make the other shields such good weapons in a horde. Ironically it’s somewhat redundant to pick the brettonian S&S in combination with the new Brettonian Longsword. I actually prefer the imperial S&S as my secondary when I play GK for that very reason.

But the brettonian S&S, when judged by itself, isn’t really bad. It’s a good weapon, that’s great when fighting stuff like a Stormvermin Patrol. Just not for the role most people take a shield: crowd control.

Sidenote: If you want to be a really super cool guy, you can take both the imperial & brettonian S&S. They complement each other pretty well, actually.

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I feel like, Bretonnian Longsword and Shield is lesser version of Dwarven Axe and Shield. Maybe high cleave sweep or shield bash should be at the 1st of heavy combo for every shields?

It’s a lot better for single target than the A&S, actually. The A&S is a bit more of an alround weapon though.

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I use it on GK as an alt weapon and basically only pull it out for flames or guns. Otherwise there is no reason to swap off of Long / Exe sword.

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Respectfully, y’all crazy! BLS&S is by far the best shield + weapon combo. The push-bash combo just levels hordes, especially if you take Virtue of the Joust. This weapon is awesome. Why? The shield bash is not a charged attack - it’s so much faster than the more pedestrian varieties of shield weapons. Wanna destroy hordes? Push then LMB. The first heavy attack is also good for elite killing, but I have to admit that I switch to my Bretonnian Longsword or 2H hammer when they rear their ugly heads. It would be interesting to see how good the BLS+S really is on merc or FK, but on GK it is stupendous!

I find it to be quite useful to use when sh*t hits the fan. I just spam Push --> L1 to help control the situation and then switch back to main weapon.
Basically, it works well a side-weapon in bursts, but not as well as a main weapon.

Personally, IMO. I think 1st light low-to-up(uppercut) should be wider as much as its 3rd person animation does (well, I want this for all the low-to-ups(uppercuts)), and 3rd-light(shield bash) to 2nd light, 2nd-light(overhead/overshoulder) to 3rd light.

And 3rd-heavy(shield bash) to 1st heavy.

That’s my suggestion.

It’s not very useful but you may take the imperial shield and sword so no problem.