S&S is a joke of epic proportions

Give me 1 good reason or actually just A reason why the S&S and the M&S are in the game. Just one!

Sword and Shield make it so much easier for other melee characters to kill elites virtually risk free. Heavy stagger and putting trash on the floor make a combination of Slayer+Kruber S&S very potent. You will, of course argue that Slayer is potent on his own but accompanied by Kruber s&s with the charge makes chaos patrols laughable with only 2 of you.

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I use mace&shield (or, well, hammer&shield) pretty frequently because its a very convenient method of crowd control. It’s safe and almost risk free. You can’t carry with it, but i use it on my ranger veteran, so I ain’t exactly looking to carry. Judging by how it’s basically as good as the regular 1hammer when you get Merc’s aura buff on you, it’s probably quite good on Kruber as well for these purposes.

The huge amount of stamina is now actually useful because you really gotta abuse those pushstabs to deal with armor, which, well… Kinda think it needs an even higher headshot multiplier, but it’s already far from useless, which it used to be before the rework.

You aren’t going to be carrying with shields, but what you will be doing is keeping hordes stunlocked in the event you mysteriously lack a hagbane elf or a pyrobeam. That’s as opposed to 2hammers, which open you up really hard and lack the uberpowerful push.

Yeah i know that muh killing things is da best crowd controle! By that logic, sure, yeah, shields may as well not exist. Game’s supposed to support multiple types of playstyles, however, so there you go.

S&S isn’t a weapon I ever liked in either game so w/e.


can’t speak for M&S, as i am a dirty halberd abuser. i assume it’s used for ultra tanky builds that focus on being very defensive, but i’m not that kinda player.

as for S&S, there are many shades that use it. her ult makes it able to kill chaos warriors, and also able to kill 2 elites close together easily because of the weapon sweep. pairing it together with the longbow to pick off elites is a viable comp.

thing is, it’s a weapon that’s sorta fun for hordeclear (which is what recruit and veteran players are learning to deal with)

I guess I’m just so used to running halberd and a good build that S&S/M just cant compare. Running with pugs, teamwork is minimal at best and so S&S/M makes no sense as holding a door with the shield doesnt work as they just run past you chasing the rats without any thoughts of tactics.

But even with a premade group it’s not a viable option compared to other weapons. There is no reason to pick it instead of something else. Everytring else does a better job. Sure you can shield bash but you could also just swing a 2h sword or halberd and get over with it.

well if s&s is refering to sword and shield, its a fast good damage and angles nice patterns , the charge attacks are a bit weak but if you can aim its up there. if you cant then your just going to grind to a stop on armour and i think thats why its not well liked , that and people think of it as defensive.

i think its just about personal choice. common wisdom around here is go halbard or be stupid, but personaly since the last round of tweeks i think sword and shield and exe sword are both better.

  1. You already used all the other weapon choices way to much

  2. You bought a game with so many weapon choices and you don’t wanna miss any of it.

  3. You wanna blame your losses on the weapon you carrying.

Well at least this are the reasons why i use it…
No seriously i also think the weapon isn’t really good. Yes you can support your team by CC’ing the horde but i also think you could just kill the horde with an other weapon. In my opinion its not really you who supports the team, its more the team that supports you. Why do i think that? In my experience sword and shield is fine as long as the run is smooth and nothing goes wrong. But as soon as things go south you gonna be the one with the biggest problems. Your team gets seperrated by an ambush you will very likely be the one who has the worst time. They all can kite the horde with medium/good mobility while being able to hit trate because of dps/cleave while you will have a hard time with bad mobility underaverrage dps/cleave, low ability to hit trade and you can’t even see *** cause shield blocks your sight. And pray for god there is no hook rat on the way for you (I hate dodging them with shields). Mix that with your still not that good damage against armor and you can perfectly blame your death on the weapon (See reason 3 why to use s&s). Ok im exaggerating a bit here but i really think shields in generall still need some love. Thats why i make threads like this.


actually you are way less tanky with shields then with other weapons in generall. Main reason is the slow temp health generation. If i take mercenarie with two handed sword i can take way more hits than as footknight with sword and shield. Also you very likely get hit more often with sword and shield cause of low mobility.

If you were actually talking about dual swords just ignore this…

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