How about give all the shield weapons a shield bash in their light combo

Just like Longsowrd and Shield. Well, when it will comes out may different (Like at 1st or 2nd or 3rd).

No. The imperial S&S and the Axe & Shield are actually some of the absolutely most well designed weapons in this game, when it comes to movesets. They are very versatile with a lot of possible cool combinations for a lot of different situations. They aren’t the most powerful weapons, and might even take a buff like attack speed or damage, but they absolutely do not need messing with their movesets. At all! Those are already perfect, as is.

Also, why make all weapons similar? FS actually introduced a shield weapon with its very unique moves and feel. No need to make all the old weapons clones of that one…



Honestly I really like that GK got an “unique” shield… this helps to make the career more… unique.


the other shield weapons are pretty underwhelming though, besides axe/shield. That bash attack is so clunky lol, especially now that bretonnian shield exists.


I disagree. Imperial S&S is not a bad weapon at all. And it does different things than the new S&S, but it definitely does what is does pretty nicely. Good alrounder weapon, and better vs. hordes.

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