Sword & Shield deserves 180° push/block angle

I can understand because Fatshark gave to Sword&Shield a lower push/block angle: time ago it was the highest dps shield. A kind of trade off.

But this is no longer the case. Both Mace&Shield and Axe&Shield received juicy buff… moreover now we have Bretonnian Shield and Spear&Shield… both are “more aggressive” than Sword&Shield and, at the same time, they have a 180° push/block angle.


yeah but calling it highest DPS shield is a bit like saying it was the best spear made of toffee.

I think possibly giving Sword and Shield on FK 180 degrees would generate enough THP-on-stagger to fuel the hadron collider.

I agree it is not equal that others get such offensive power and defense at the same time (Elf spear and shield, but then again we can’t possibly let elf weapons be weaker?!) but Sword and Shield might benefit more from more Amour Pen on Heavy 3 (? I think) Stab.

I’d agree with it getting 180 block angle, but alternatively it could get something more unique befitting of the sword part of the combo, like a bit less move slowdown while attacking (just spitballing here), thereby further differentiating the shield options, rather than homogenising them.

I do think it’s maybe fallen behind the other shield options a bit, but the beta set of changes to shields (while I love the changes and they were necessary), mostly just made them all play and feel more similar. If SnS were to receive some tweaks I’d prefer it was something to make it stand out and feel unique.

At very least, as @TmanDW pointed out during the beta, it ought to get the 1h sword finesse change, which would help it retain a relatively high damage role for those good at headshots.


Oh that’s actually a really good call by @TmanDW.


@Argonaut14 @alsozara ye, they could make Sword&Shield even more different with some tweaks (for example @TmanDW idea: giving to it an higher finesse bonus, like 1H Sword, would greatly help S&S’ niche)… my intention isn’t to make every shield similar… but, in my opinion, even with these hypothetical changes, there isn’t reason to leave Sword & Shield as the only without a 180° angle.

We can work and improve S&S’ specific niche… but this should not result in the loss of one of the shields’ characterizing features (push-block angle).

Like shields started from the same point (high bcr, powerful push, wide block angle)… and then they took different ways.

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