1h mace too good? (Bardin)

I’ve got no idea about the other characters but for Bardin specifically the 1h mace feels too good.
If 1h mace removed it feels like it would be a real choice between the remaining weapons. Now I’m not suggesting removing it of course but rather adjusting it.

4.5 block while shield has 5. Losing 0.5 block is nothing compared to what you gain. Also has a really good moveset. I just can’t see a reason not to pick other weapon-types above it and if you think I’m missing something I would love to hear you out.

I would probably lower how many block shields it has. Shield should be the champion of blocking not have 0.5 more with all of the downsides that come with shield

I understand that weapons can probably never be perfectly balanced but imo theres a bigger gap between the 1h mace and the rest than there is between the others and getting it more in line would be dope.

Please tell me if you disagree and why

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You did not mention that the shove with the shield is much stronger and it has a wider blocking angle. Sure you might not want that tradeoff but it’s there.

You’re right sorry this was typed up on phone at work so a bit rushed. My point isn’t that the other weapons are useless, because they really aren’t. If 1h mace was removed he would still be good. My point is more that if you want the best and most well-rounded there is a clear choice by far - the 1h mace. So if you disagree I would rather you attack that point because I know I could have missed something that I’m not considering.

It’s too much to compare against all other weapons, but since you started with the shield.

Shield have better blocks, more stamina, more block angle, stronger pushes. The downside is mostly? reduced attack speed.

Your post seems biased as hell. Are you being a contrarian just because? You list off points in favor of shield and act like they all weigh the same and say look 4 is more than 1!! While acting like attack speed is some throwaway stat when it’s one of the strongest ones. You also didn’t mention better dodge which is also very important. “More stamina” yes it’s 0.5 very big deal. And Bardin specs 50% block/push angle so it isn’t as big of a stat for him, and even then you don’t talk about how 1h mace has a good block/push from the start. Also we have yet compared them to the rest of the weapons which would be an even easier argument in favor of mace.

You bring this argument to the table. Why don’t you give us the rundown? We cannot argue against your arguments unless they’re fleshed out.

Thought it was self evident my bad. Will do it when I get home tonight

You didnt do anything wrong. People are just extremely sensitive to anyone suggesting a nerf. This forum is full of ignorant people of low intelligence who are screaming for nerfs to things they do not understand. Fatshark has unfortunately shown themselves to be receptive to loud morons screaming for nerfs, so now when someone says anything about a nerf people get sensitive. No one wants to see any more unnecessary nerfing.

Dango, have you also taken into account that shield has ‘’ stronger blocks ‘’ which among other things also blocks ranged attacks ? : >

I think it’s not very accurate to say the difference between the stamina of a shield and 1h hammer is half a shield of stamina. With the wider block arc and “better” blocks, you’ll spend FAR less stamina blocking hits. I’d say that you have something closer to twice as much “effective stamina”.

Don’t get me wrong, the 1H hammer seems pretty powerful. With the increased dodge range and good balance between damage and number of targets per sweep, it’s probably got one of the higher skill ceilings of his weapons.

I don’t think it’s fair to call someone biased and contrarian for challenging your assertion when you litterally just asked us to tell you if we disagree with you.

Axe/shield and drake pistols is much better… Axe has armor pen also easy to get headshots with.

The main thing of a shield is that you can push hordes almost infinitely, while your buddies kill everything from behind. shield is about tanking, not about dealing damage. and with good Ironbreaker in party hordes become a joke on any difficulty

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