Kruber's Mace&shield should to penetrate armors

Bardin has two “shielded” weapons: axe against armored enemies, hammer against crowd.
Also Kruber has two shielded weapons, sword and mace… but both do 0 damage against armor. Simply nonsense.

P.s: furthermore shield and sword hasn’t 50% push/block angle.


Bump, and I second this. The mace should be armor piercing and for balancing could live without wide sweeps, because Kruber has every other weapon for that. If I remember correctly Sword+Shield is unlocked earlier? so for new players it is great on unarmored hordes and low health enemies at the start of the game, later players will want to feel like the Mace and Shield is an upgrade to deal with armor.

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Not going to happen because mace is just disguised Bardin’s 1h hammer. Same damage, same animations pretty much. Maybe they can copy-paste crowbill into Kruber’s arsenal, but sure as hell they’re going to ask you to pay for it. It’s sad that Vermintide requires people to pay for new and better weapons (dual hammers > 1h hammer and 2h hammer) while they could be enjoying a good inflow of money if they actually put some effort into creating new cosmetics that you can either drop (like today - once a goddamn year there’s something that isn’t trash in commendation chest) or buy (and buy I would even if just to support positive attitude towards community and implementing dlc content for everyone).

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The word you were looking for is “different”

Nope. They have simply better performance. Ok, vs 2h hammer they are overal superior choice, but at least 2h hammer has some strongpoints (CW damage).

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