Kruber's Mace & Sword does damage to armor on light attacks (aka poor design choices on DLC weapons)

Kruber’s Mace & Sword does damage to armor on light attacks against the body.

Neither 1h Sword nor 1h Mace damage armored enemies with bodyshots. In my opinion Mace & Sword is already better against infantery hordes than 1h Sword and better than both against mixed (infantery + armored) hordes.

This essentially means Mace & Sword makes both 1h Sword and 1h Mace obsolete. You just click-spam your way through the levels. The weapons seem nice at first but offer the boring old Dual Swords clickspam - but hey, now Kruber can play Dual Swords… WITH ANTI ARMOR!

This also applies to Falchion & Axe, btw: Instead of a skillful 1h weapon like Falchion where you carefully headshot, dodge, block, pushswipe and blockcancel your way through hordes, you can simply dodgespam and clickspam your way through hordes with these poorly designed weapons.

The whole game becomes a click fest.

In my opinion all 5 new DLC weapons are not well thought through. The Elven Axe is a pure copy of the existing 1h Axes (with the same slow dodge!), the Crowbell is a 1h Axe with DoT and absurd attack speed slapped onto it, the Dual Hammers are a mix of Dual Axes and Dual Swords (who pushstabs with a fkn hammer?!), and both Falchion & Axe and Sword & Mace are, again, essentially just Dual Swords with anti-armor on light attacks.

And then you see someone with Elven Axe and notice that Kerillians left hand is where it would be with Elven Sword, you know, casually hovering in the air. Elven Sword will probably be the next weapon that gets paired with something else.

By the way.

Dual Axes, Falchion + Axe, Sword + Mace, Dual Hammers - what’s next?

Why not Axe + Hammer for Bardin?

Hell, why stop there?

  • Rapier Pistol + Axe!

  • Elven Axe + Elven Sword!

  • Falchion + Shield!

  • Glaive + 2h Sword!

The possibilities are endless!

NEXT DLC WEAPON ANNOUNCED: Wiz Dagger + Firesword!


Why do you think dual weapons would be defensive in any way that a 1h weapon would be? If you wanna click spam armor at 2.75 damage a piece, be my guest but there are better attacks (and better weapons) for dealing with armor than what you suggest. Elven axe is similar to 1h axe, with faster attack speed, different attack pattern and same dodge distance, but it doesn’t have the 10% crit buff on lights, so it’s fine imo.


I feel Dual weapons need a purpose. Right now, they don’t have that purpose. They don’t have a role. They just exist for no reason and are for the most part strictly better than their individual counterparts.

This is what I mean with “poor design”. It’s Fatshark. Most of the stuff they do is not well thought through.

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Is offensive power not a purpose? The dual weapons have less downsides than their 1 handers but I think they’ll be adjusted once FS rakes in the sales of the dlc.

Exactly. They will be balanced / adjusted to fit a certain role. Maybe. Someday. Eventually. Hopefully. Like everything they do.


Err, all the new weapons have some design that makes them very very attractive to the Pay2Win crowd. Selling point for DLC much?

They’ll be balanced once the sales have died off quite a bit.

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Pay2Win in Vermintide? Nah, not really. I mean, this is the first time in the history of Verm where you have to actually own a DLC to get a weapon, but the weapons are overall not thaaat good that you absolutely have to buy the DLC.

Except for the Crowbill. That thing is broken on Unchained. It wrecks SVs like no other weapon in the game.

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that is a good thing
I love this weapons, don’t ruin it!

most of Kruber weapons suck, only halberd is good, I’m bored to use halberd and I like sword and sheld, which is no good but I liike it

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Their purpose is having a fast attack speed for stagger / horde clear and running stuff like resourceful combatant to built up your active charge faster. I think MnS was a much needed addition personally, with 1h sword phantom swings still being awful and 1h mace being mediocre it left huntsman with fairly limited melee options that didn’t reduce his speed to like -5. Another issue is simply dual weapons are fun but were only really available to elf and slayer, slayer is probably a bit too difficult for the “average” player to enjoy which means more people gravitate towards elf, plus slayers old axe+axe was pretty much single target, making it harder for newer players to enjoy.


I wouldn’t call them strictly better, seeing as they have much worse mobility than the single-handed variants. They do absolutely pitiful damage on lights to armor, and just having done several runs with Huntsman and S+M, I do feel they’re a bit left-click heavy, but they also don’t control hordes so well that that is all you do. S+M is sub-optimal against CW - I was definitely relying on my handgun for them when I could, or even ulting if there were several, and push attacks were vital.

I feel they are a little strong - perhaps they have a bit too much stagger at the moment, but that’s the only change I think might be necessary atm (at least for Sword and Mace/Falchion and Axe).

Kerillian’s axe is a bit uninteresting, with poor mobility, but it does have at least have a different attack pattern. Crowbill seems a bit wonky in the animation department, but it really lacks control. Still, 90% of people were saying she needed an “axe-like weapon”, so here we go.

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Oh God don’t nerf this aswell, i don’t want to go back to the Halbard :frowning:

its 0 vs -1 I wouldn’t say much worse, stuff like halberd is -5

I’m not sure of the numbers - but I was thinking both overall effective dodge count and dodge distance. They seemed lesser on the dual weapons.

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