Which shield are you using on your typical Grail Knight build?

  • Bretonian shield
  • Imperial shield
  • Shield with mace
  • 2 shield type weapons
  • None

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Do Mace and Shield, and Sword and Shield have the same speed increase while Push-Attacking?
(Oh, SnS has faster Push-Attacks)

Currently using Greatsword with the Sword and Shield for mobility.

Definetly Bretonnian. Since the Push Block/Stab/Shieldbash is super Good Combo. The second Shieldbash saved my Life a lot. Its not as Powerful as Push Block but still, it helps out!!!

If you run Opportunist i think, with 50% more psuh Block Power and Virtue of Joust, this Combo is so Deadly for anyone!


As Mercenary i get the most Fun out of Greatsword and 2HHammer. Itsd just too good as a Hordkiller! Hammer is even better, since it has Armor Dmg. But i wont leave my Greatsword at home, becasue its the best!

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It’s actually really good on GK, too. You have to spam Lights more and then Heavies with SS up. Lots of Push-Attacks with Smiter makes Elites easier.