Longsword (the new one) Feedback

For a first and mostly, I liked that Longsword has this feature: the block is on when the attack is charged enough to be a charge attack.

It reminds me of the swordmanship in real life; each position is a gurad and a set for an attack. Wish it had on many other weapons charge attacks too. Like a polearms, rapier, shields and most of the swords.

Second, the block animation. I wish all 2h swords had a block animation like a Longsword. It looks way more stable and stronger than the other 2h swords’ block animation.

Third, I wish it had a more matching 3rd person light attack animations (well, most of melee weapons has this problems, but anyways). And using it with both hands, too (I thought he using it with both hands in both light attacks and charge attacks, but the light attacks are wasn’t. And 3rd person animations are very unmatching with the 1st person).

These are what I felt so far.