Longsword - maybe to good

Its have insane high cleave (higher than exec similar to light on 2hd sword), very good damage, have pattern for both trash and elites killing.
Only downside its not insanely fast but its very comparable to exec atk speed.

That insane high cleave make it practically new best weapon in krubs arsenal

Someone did some testing and said it has the same damage profile as greataxe. I haven’t tested that myself yet. If that’s the case, It’s likely 9.9 Cleave. Unclear what special properties it may have. I haven’t seen updated source code yet.

Well still, for that high damage profile weapon with very good defensive value its have way to high cleave

I spoke too soon. I found the updated code. It shares a damage profile with Greataxe. It has an armor sliding property as well as Heavy Linesman. So it’s basically like the heavies on the Weapon Rebalance Mod Greataxe + Armor Sliding. That is pretty good. I can’t find a shared profile with heavy 3. But that doesn’t mean I just didn’t find it. Could be shared with something.

Push attack is the same as Greatsword Push attack which is the same as a greataxe light attack or halberd L3 I believe. It’s super slow though.

Light attacks are the same as Greatsword Light attacks.

I really think L3 is a new profile as well. Can’t confirm without a lot of in-game testing.
1.2 Dodge Multiplier. 3 Dodges.

0.8 External Multiplier on light attacks. Think like 1H axe move speed but the debuff lasts 0.6 seconds instead of 0.5 seconds for 1H axe. To be technical, you move at 80% speed during lights for B Sword and 75% move speed for 1H axe.

The heavies make you move 150% normal speed during the animation, but you move at like 20% speed during the charge animation. So that’s 0.5 second duration of 20% speed and 0.45 second duration of 150% speed with perfect charge timing.

Edit: I don’t exactly know how to do the manual math on their animation time scale modifiers so I can’t give you attack animation times which is a huge portion of balance, obviously.

Edit: It has armor sliding but doesn’t do damage to the second target after sliding past armor for some reason. So it isn’t exactly like G-sword sliding.


I think heavy 3 shares the damage profile of billhook heavy 2. Light 1 is slightly stronger than light 2 with slightly more cleave. light 3 is the same as 1h mace heavies.

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Yeah, the damage profiles are different names, but that’s what my testing showed for Heavy 3 and L3. Just looking at the code, I’d say L1 and L2 are supposed to be identical damage profiles. Will report that as a bug. But you’re right, L2 is a little less damage.

I see it like a little Executioner Sword: higher agility, but less damage vs hordes and armors… I think it’s balanced.


Its have more damage for hordes. And well nothing can beat exec in armor damage but its quite close to it with not that great disadvantages

I wouldn’t say it has higher horde dps

Executioner allows for very easy headshots into a horde significantly increasing the dps output. Longsword doesn’t accommodate that so much.

Longsword is a solid weapon but let’s not oversell it. It’s competitive with Executioner but not necessarily better; they’ve both got strengths and weaknesses.


Its a good weapon imo. Not overpowered but far from useless either.
I am a bid annoyed that the animation for holding c1 and c3 are the same (pretty similiar) so you can see when your accidently holding c3 instead of c1.


Pretty sure X is higher in horde dps by a pretty large margin if you have a good headshot ratio. Also higher armor dps by quite a bit. B Sword is much more mobile though so it definitely has some things going for it.

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You can test it easly, on headshot only they have quite same dps around 150 ± 10
On body exec have around 90 and longsword have 100-110 and you can easly do second heavy light loop for good angle of attack or 2 light block just like exec most of time.

longsword works better in mixed than exec will ever by.
Ofc few armored are never problem its only when tons of them starts doing runing attack at you and then exec fails quite much because of his amazingly slow heavy.

Longsword shouldn’t have bigger cleave than exec

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If you’re talking about the bretonnian longsword, its strength is justifiable.
Because it’s being wielded by a bloody grail knight.

  1. It doesn’t have bigger cleave than exec. It has the same. Well, if the horde is ONLY fanatics or slave rats, then I guess it has a bit more. But if it has marauders or clan rats or gors, it has less cleave.
  2. Idk how you’re getting those dps numbers, but saying your headshot ratio will be the same with both weapons is not realistic. L1 --> H2 combo gives a good headshot angle on L1, but H2 is a harsh diagonal just like H1. You may headshot a single target with practice, but it’s very unlikely you will headshot multiple targets. Also, do please explain how you got those dps numbers.
  3. I do think Longsword is safer against mixed elites. I thinks it’s safer in general. It’s a very good weapon. I just put it as Kruber’s 3rd best weapon atm behind spear and X.

Nah, it’s trash on grail knight. And we’re not talking about lore here. The sword is good on merc though.

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I find it balanced.

I agree… also because Exe has larger sweeps: its blade can “meet” more enemies .I’m not talking about cleave, but literally about moveset and enemies positioning: larger the sweeps are, more enemies you can hit.

ui tweaks (I think so or maybe other ui mod) have option for dps buff don’t use it in normal play because its drain resourcess like crazy.

Yeah it kills the FPS for sure. I was just wondering how you set up the test. Just spawn a horde in and attack it? What was in the horde? Or did you spawn in singular mobs to hit then calculate the dps?

Also, were you taking final dps after horde dies or peak dps after normalization?

Fanatic horde, they are quite best for tests. You can check other type of hordes even marauder spam its still 3 cleave vs 2 and that will make difference.

I just whacked them till it will normalise with impossible dense spawn.

That’s usually the best testing methodology. I think I may have mis-remembered X sword cleave. I was thinking it was 9.9, but it may be 7.78 actually.