Longsword - maybe to good

L M A O, no.

I think its fairly well balanced, if not even slightly under-tuned. It have decent cleave and stagger and good damage, however you’ll still generally get outpaced by a slayer if they are worth their salt, your active and group buffs moderately compensate for that , and the riposte action is insanely cool. I think its probably right where it needs to be for now.

Its have insane high cleave (higher than exec similar to light on 2hd sword)

I do play exec sword a lot, to be one of the wave crushers of my friend party, and i don’t feel like the long sword have better cleave, at all, better damage on body, indeed, attack speed seems a little bit slower, but i’m not sure of this point, combo movement less consistent in time.

Basically, it’s not as good as exec sword to manage hordes, a lot better to manage elites.

GK or the sword?? Unclear what you’re talking about. Also, why would you take the B sword on GK??? It has worse horde clear than Greatsword and less armor dps than X Sword. If you want mobility for kiting then take mace or sword. Unless you’re bringing a shield for some ungodly reason, I don’t know why you’d ever bring an all rounder like B-Sword.

Also, GK’s melee toolkit is laughable.

Edit: Another reason it’s not good on GK is that GK only has stagger thp or on kill. Neither of those particularly synergise with B-sword.

I think you have to play it with some of the other characters too. GK has some pretty insane damage bonuses that make the longsword way better than it actually is. If you get the 15% extra power and 3 stacks your power rating is so high you just one shot everything. With none of that, it doesn’t do a whole lot. Its not as good as the elf weapons and ertainty not as good as the heavy spear for instance.

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As compared to what???

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GK has a talent that increases his power by 10% for each enemy killed up to 30% which is almost always on because it works on infantry.

He can also get 15% for the whole party from his contracts.

He also has a lesser used but still good talent that gives him 20% power for 6 seconds on timed blocks.

Thus, the damage potential w/ the longsword on GK is much higher than the damage potential if you were to use it on like Huntsman.

It’s the best weapon for GK, but the only other weapon you can take seriously is the Great Hammer because the Exec Sword and two shield weapons (the OG ones) kinda suck.

As I said, the heavy spear, most of the elf weapons and rapier are all definitely better. You can argue for things like the dual hammers, flaming sword/dagger, flaiming/nonflaiming flail, etc.

If you compare to other krubs weapons its pretty good but only because kruber’s only other weapon that is actually really good is the heavy spear which FK and GK cant use. Because Kruber’s weapons suck, the only builds I think are truly viable involve heavy spear on huntsman/merc and the new longsword on GK and FK. The great Hammer is not bad and neither is the halberd but all the other weapons just suck.

Even talking about Virtue of Discipline makes no sense, since Joust is your only small bit of survivability you can take.

Whats left after that? A line where you can choose between an altered form of Slayers Passive Trophy Hunter, an altered version of Shades Passive Murderous Prowess, and better damage on Heavy Attacks.

WHC, Zealot, Slayer and Shade have more killing power in their Passives than the GK in his whole set, while having access to range weapons and career skills that are not an one-trick pony.

Whats GK passive again? Ah yeah. Smiter light. The zero sugar version.

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Haven’t tested, but according to the steam GK guide it’s a actually 25% and UI is incorrect. I mean, if that’s true that’s a fair bit of extra damage.

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This is correct and his move speed is actually 10%.


Well. All this does is make Virtue of Discipline even look that much more worse.

Thanks for the info.

Surely that depends on whether or not you can hit any useful break points with it?

Generally I agree though, can’t go past joust.

Bro just no, don’t say stuff like this, don’t make the game less fun. FS is already known to nerf stuff into oblivion and render most weapons useless, dont give them ideas. Let us have our fun in a coop game


Agreed. But much worse than if you were to use it on Merc, zealot, slayer, whc, etc etc. And keep in mind, GK is a melee only character. I guess to be more specific, his melee toolkit is trash compared to other melee dps characters. But the main reason it’s not good for GK is simply because it’s an all rounder and he can carry 2 melee weapons. It’s better to take 2 weapons that are specialized. For example, take G sword for horde clear and X sword for elites.

I agree about shields, but X sword is really strong. You could theoretically take B sword for a little more horde clear, but not taking X sword on GK is kind a miss because his talents actually synergize with it better than any other weapon for killing elites.

Also, I think you’re kinda missing out on X sword in general. It’s also really good on merc.

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This is an interesting read because I found the longsword to not be all that good an I’m thinking of going back to my exec sword the GK’s damage output.

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I love Longsword’s moveset, especially it’s neverending overhead combo (push-attack > H3 > L3 > H3 > L3), but I wouldn’t call it the best weapon for GK. Sword and Mace with the crit talent is absurdly safe horde clear and you can take anything for better elite damage. Xsword, obviously, best there is; also experimented with 2h hammer for my anti-armor slot and found with a strength potion (and maybe 10% Skaven? I forget if I was using that) GK cleared a Cata Stormvermin patrol ludicrously fast.

Are you talking about normal longsword of bretonian longsword?
Normal longsword is good against hordes, bada against armoreds

Bretonian longsword is pefect as it is now.

The weapon is mostly fine in my opinion.
It has a few things going for it and a couple not so nice nitty gritty things too.

Blongsword’s mobility is very competitive with 1h sword and 1h mace as it has the same dodge count, dodge range and some movement speed on certain attacks. The riposte feature makes the heavies a little safer than some other weapons too.

The anti elite combo is also nice: Push attack > Heavy > Light attack and this can be chained indefinitely as Heavy 3 goes into Light 3 and Light 3 goes back into Heavy 3 (All attacks being overhead)

Some gripes with the weapon:

There’s some action/block delay after certain attacks, particularly light 2.

Light 2 also does less damage than light 1 which I heard isn’t intended but I can’t confirm that.

The weapon itself could do with a tiny bit of an ATK speed boost.

Another suggestion is to add a crit modifier on one of the overhead attacks (Push attack, Heavy 3, Light 3) bumping up the weapons anti elite potential and offering some synergy with Grail Knights “Virtue of Knightly Temper” talent. Hopefully this makes the weapon a little more competitive with Exe sword on GK.

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Anyone else tried bret sword on a different class, yet?

It felt spectacular on Merc. Maybe not xsword strong, but in the same tier as halberd, only safer.


I have, it’s definitely very good on Merc and I’d say it’s pretty good on Foot Knight and Huntsman too, it’s a good all-rounder sort of weapon