Bretonnian Longsword way too slow!

I am not talking about swing speed.
I guess FS found swing speed vs cleave vs stagger vs damage to be in the right balance and I don’t have enough practical experience with it yet to tell how “useful” its stats are, but I can tell one thing for sure:

Recovery into block is WAY too slow! It is way slower than other 1h weapons and even slower than most 2h weapons! And this is just the normal block.

The riposte block is even worse, with the block shields showing up really late and the actual block applying even later than the shields showing up, which makes it pretty much useless for reactive use and is really just an insurance for people holding heavy attacks way too long while ignoring their surroundings.

Coupled with the poor cleave on cata, the performance drop-off is quite harsh.

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You are doing something wrong if you are getting poor cleave with Bretsword on Cata GK.


It has heavy linesman and I think armour sliding too! What are you talking about? Am I mad to think Bret Longsword is one of Krub’s best weapons?

Agreed on the Riposte taking too long to start up though.


I don’t think so.
Infantry power + power talent and cleave still feels sub-par for what the weapon tries to do. If the block recovery was good so you could get back into block within a reasonable time frame, the cleave would be fine. But since that’s not the case, the cleave is not good enough in my personal opinion.

Also, I’d appreciate it if you have nothing useful to say, don’t comment at all instead of going around calling everything I write a joke.

I disagree about cleave being an issue. Using these combos Hordes are easy to deal with on Cata.


  • Charged spam (with pushes inbetween)
  • Push-Attack >L1 >L2 combo

As for the Block timing on it. I haven’t had a problem with it, and I play more defensive on him because of no DMGR, and low AS.

Not sure how you’ve come to this conclusion. On Cata, it’s a power crept version of his Greatsword, because it gets more armour damage and a similar amount of Cleave outside of Elite Density, which his Ult deals with.

He’s slower in general, but once you’re used to it, any Weapon can work on him. The first guy I saw doing well on him, upon his release, was using 2H Hammer, which I expected to be quite difficult to use on him. I also use the Greatsword as my main Weapon on him, just with more Light spam.

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It feels very good on FK.

  • I’d be fine with the riposte if it had a bit of BCR or extra damage associated with it.
  • This weapon should probably have it’s bodyshot armour damage nerfed by a small amount.
  • The only relevant cleave buff I can think of would be buffing H1 & H2 so that Merc can get Paced Strikes up against three CWs with 5 stacks of MtM, or with 5 MtM and Reikland Reaper. This may be too strong however.
  • Swapping the push attack with l3 would be great, since the push attack does better damage against infantry and l3 does better damage against armour.
  • It should probably have a dodge distance of 15% and not 20%.
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I simply disagree.
BL is more or less balanced and now is my 2nd favorite weapon for Krub.
I simply adore the elaborate moveset for this weapon (and the shield variant) and would love to see this improvement for all other weapons.

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