Bretonnian Longsword Riposte Useless?

I was wondering where FS were going with this ability.
It is nice to not have to worry about getting hit while charging your heavy, but from my experience it rarely happens that I get hit during that time because of how devastating such an event is on cata, so I got used to only charging a heavy when feeling sufficiently aware of my surroundings, in combination with preventive dodging.

Seeing how mediocre GK is without the exe sword and how FS went 1 step by adding a block to his exclusive weapon’s heavy charge, why not go all the way and make it activate as fast, or close to as fast as a regular block with that weapon?
That would open up a whole new and fun way of counter gameplay.

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You better wait for the enemies are attacking, if you block with riposte? Then release its charged/heavy attack. Well, at least that’s how I use.

Side Note: I think these “Riposte” system should be given to many other melee weapons’ charge/heavy attack(s). Like if the heavy is stab/thrust? Then give it. And especially for the shields.

The block timer of riposte is way too slow to block anything on reaction with it other than say, a slow overhead.
The block shields come up faster than the actual block. I have had numerous situations where my block shields showed up but I was still getting hit.

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