[VT2] Does Off-Balance work with the Brettonian Longsword's Riposte mechanic?

The title says it all, basically :slight_smile:

It should.
I can at least confirm that the Parry trait works, I see no reason why off-balance shouldn’t.

How do you manage to time a parry with the riposte ? :open_mouth:
There is a second delay before entering parrying stance that makes it - in my opinion - unusable. Works perfectly well on regular right-click parry ofc.

Just gotta learn the timing, really. If you have the time to see an attack coming and decide “I’m going to block it with the heavy attack instead of the normal block, so I can counter-attack faster”, then you’ve got enough time to set it up. So after that it’s just a matter of figuring out when to start charging the heavy.

More importantly, though, it also very often happens without any forethought. It turns the bret longsword into an incredibly safe weapon.

It doesn’t need Parry to be a safe weapon. The Horde combos can include pushes as they all start with a light 1, and the heavy attacks do parry - it’s only a matter of releasing LMB after the hit comes and not before like you’d do on any other weapon.
Moreover, in the worst case scenario, you’d just swap to shield and are literally incapable of taking a hit.

I don’t know any weapon on which parry is a good choice to be honest, there is always a better trait available. I was wondering about off-balance to play with the riposte gimmick, but I end up not really using it anyway so I switched to Swift Slaying (cause let’s be honest, 99% of non-shield weapons run SS).