Parry doesn't work if you get hit fast enough

Parry doesn’t seem to work if you get hit hard and fast even if you have stamina. This makes plague monks a nightmare because you have to shoot them before they get to melee range. If you can’t dodge they just flay you down through block.

wot? you’re meant to parry berserkers, they’ll deplete your stamina but won’t damage you through blocking (unless u run out of stamina). while they are performing their attack sequence u can dodge back a few times to get out of range.

I think he was talking about the Parry trait which reduce block cost by 100% on a timed block.
So yeah, you can’t parry ALL the berserker attack, only the first one and the last huge one I think, cause the window of attack is too short during tje flurry

No, I mean that first attack hits parry, second attack hits you as if parry isn’t there. This seem to happen more often with handmaiden and Shade than any other class.
It has also happened while I was block rezing someone. 4 Shields of stamina, big chaos warrior (not knight, it was those bigger nonarmored ones) hits and downs me with one hit, I did not see any other hits at that time and block seemed to be intact but completly useless.

wierd, this never happens to me. if my block it’s up and i have stamina, i’m protected.

Some weird reason 20-30% of the time Handmaiden and Shade are not. Even more weirder is that Waystalker that happens far less frequently, but then again I don’t play that class that often.
Maybe it’s some strange lag problem?

physical problem with your mouse? holding down the right button is intermittent?

If it is it’s too short to even notice anywhere else, so unlikely