Constantly hit through block

I often get hit through blocks, as if the block didn’t exist. From frontal attacks. When holding block well in advance. It can happen from lone enemies or in groups. Even with parry trait. With different characters and weapons.

I typically notice it from elites. Chaos Warrior or Bestigor overheads or side swings that slice through blocks with no block sound, no resistance.

I started noticing this a few months ago (before WoM, but now it may be worse), when someone else pointed it out in a game. Seems like something changed. I’ve been playing since first release and I don’t remember this problem early on.

When block and dodge aren’t reliable, the game becomes infuriating. It’s to where I feel surprised when block works properly. If block and dodge worked, I could accept the silent attacks from enemies that materialize instantly behind me in an area I just checked.


I get killed from this phenomenon quite often, getting hit through block while blocking with full stamina.

Almost always from elites.

Now am not too sure if I see it happen while hosting games, but it happens when im playing as a client. I always thought its ping related. But if my ping floats above 100 i exit anyways because theres a lot of phucky things that happen in this game with less than desirable higher pings.


Some weapons have delayed blocks, where the stamina shields will show up, but you wont actually be blocking until the animation finishes. Flails are the worst offenders of this. Otherwise it is most likely a ping/connection issue. Even if your ping is <100, if you have poor connection and are dropping packets it will still be very bad.

If you are host and this is happening consistently, I’d record it and submit a bug report, because it certainly shouldn’t be.


This happened to me just last night; I was dodging towards the portal at the end of Screaming Bell, holding block and not pushing. I went down and died.

Are you running block cost reduction? I noticed stacking stamina doesn’t seem to be the best choice anymore. As it can all get burnt in one elite swing, and with the hyperstacking, 1 swing can actually be 6 or 7. I’ve been downed and killed in less than a second in some cases. Having 30% BCR on the neck seems to be far more effective than +2 stamina. I’ve currently been running 30% on neck and weapon for most classes. Do you guys have any videos of this happening?

I didn’t really have this happen much before, but yesterday I had this quite often suddenly. It happened a lot for me when I was experimenting with Elf’s Shield / Spear in particular. It also mainly happened vs. elites, and to a Rat Ogre for me. Maybe the clou is in the overhead character of some attacks? For what it’s worth: I am 100% sure it wasn’t a case of blocking too late, or lag while blocking. I was approaching while holding block sometimes, and the enemy was right in front of me. This happened repeatedly as well. I don’t recall if I was host or client.

EDIT: And it also happened fighting a single target sometimes. So no case of other attacks breaking my block first.

In the current state of the game i mostly play as a host since i got a powerful rig and a good internet connection. Also people seem to appreciate a host that does not leave.

I would also join games but getting hit through block , getting very late backstab audio warning , teleporting enemies and also lots of floating enemies are quiet common when i join games of others.

So i can see and feel a massive difference between hosting games and joining games. Sadly p2p connections are just terrible for a game thats so fast with all the dodging and blocking. I dont know if its even possible to create a solid netcode when its just so depedant on the power and connection of some random dudes pc. But it feels like vermintide runs a very poor lag compensation system on top of that.

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Glad someone else is having this issue. I ran IB with 60% BCR shield/axe and I died several times over the weekend from full shield to instantly dead while tanking an armored patrol. In one playthru i soloed a whole SV patrol when the rest of the team instantly melted. Push + Punch combo with 70% stamina regen.

In the next game, I get surrounded by a mixed horde and instantly died despite full shields. I even tried a 60% Push Angle/60% BCR build in case I had overhead strikes from behind. Nope, did even worse somehow.

Another complaint, I have 80% and 90% BCR builds on FK and HM respectively. I also experience instant downs when trying to save downed teammates. Even more egregious, is that the HM is supposed to have a NO INTERRUPT natural trait when reviving downed teammates from damage, despite this, this has NEVER worked for me. I get interrupted from shoves, overheads, friendly fire, butt itch… whatever, whether I’m taking damage/ holding block or not, the attempt is failed. What a useless trait to have for HM!


Very strange, something is going wrong. Were any of you able to record this bug while it was occurring? I’m guessing it happens a lot considering the post above me said it happened back to back in two games. I’ve been playing around 40 hours a week for the past 2 weeks and I do not recall experiencing it. So it must be something going on client side or with your network perhaps.

Maybe upload the console log for these sessions so that the Devs can take a look?

Did you experience anything else during these runs? Bugs, latency issues? What classes were you all on? The post above said IB, HM and FK, was this the same for all of you?


I don’t record my matches in anticipation of trouble shooting bugs, I’m just trying to enjoy some time off…not beta test for free.

What I have noticed however is that sometimes…when you get shoved while blocking, even though I’m still holding down R-click, the game thinks I’m not holding block anymore, and that’s usually when I melt into the floor. I have to instinctively let go and hold block again, if I’m lucky or fast enough, I’ll take some chip damage and live. If not… I eat the floor.

Deaths caused by having your block interrupted aside, I still lose all shields for no reason on occasion. If this is a game feature, it is grossly sadistic.

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Yea, being shoved/punched and headbutted does drop block, at least as far as I’m aware. Well, if it happens again, try uploading the console log and maybe it can shed some light. If it is indeed happening a lot, it shouldn’t be too hard to record it once for the sake of getting it fixed.

Part of the problem is also that a lot of people are:

  1. Not aware of how and when block gets broken and the next hit goes through.
  2. Simply blocking too late and using “broken block mechanic” as an excuse.

I barely ever notice anything even close to a “hit blatantly going through block” but that could also be because I tend to focus on spending all my stamina on pushing rather than blocking because it’s way safer when playing aggressively so block issues aren’t gonna be very noticeable for me in general.

Either way - recorded footage of it happening would probably be the best way of reporting an issue like this :slight_smile:

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Just bring back the old dodge system to compensate for this , they said the dodging was not as intended an they nerfed it, but sometimes there are exceptions and fatshark might made a mistake with nerfing the dodging, making it as it was might solve a lot of problems and bring back the fun with “dodge dancing” :raised_hands::+1::+1:

You can still dodge dance just fine as long as you dodge dance and not mindlessly spam it and even if you just mindlessly spam it you are still safe 90% of the time as long as you at least dodge in the somewhat right direction.

I fail to see the “fun” in spamming a single button and watching enemies swing wildly 2 meters away from me while being literally invincible in a game marketed as a challenging coop.


Maybe. I’m 100% sure that this was not the case for me though. Absolutely. It also seems to occur only with Shield/Spear for me, and vs. overhead strikes. Nothing else. In all other cases I could have attributed it to being too late or being block broken maybe, but I am sure without a doubt that that wasn’t the case in a few instances with Shield/Spear the other night. I was approaching the enemy with shield up, had no other enemies around, and was one shot anyways. Happened at least twice like that, the other times I might have just been too late or something, but not every time.

Not only do i constantly get hit through block but passives like IBs armour will not even trigger and i get hit through it…

I haven’t noticed it with specifically Ironbreaker myself, and I’ve played him (with shield) most lately. Weird.

Cata 3? Thats what im playing (Weaves)

Could be that… I don’t play Elf so I wouldn’t have noticed :stuck_out_tongue:

I gave that Elgi a shot since she got an almost-proper weapon in the last DLC. Still not bashy enough for my taste though. :wink:

Oh, and no, it also wasn’t on Cata 3 I experienced the blocking bypass, I only played Elf in Legend adventure mode. I played Ironbreaker on normal Cata adventure maps without having my block being bypassed as well.