Sometimes block dont working (elvish shield)

Very rarely, as yesterday when I was helping an ally, the enemies just hit me through the block, but then being knocked down I blocked all the hits, even losing all my stamina.


Yeah, this has happened to me before. I don’t think it’s just the Spear and Shield, I think there’s a bug where any enemy can hit you through block sometimes.

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Happens from time to time. Had this with different weapons aswell! It’s often charged attacks that get through my block from CWs and Blackrats.

I’ve had this exact same problem with the exact same weapon.

Same, haven’t noticed it on other weapons, maybe because it was less noticeable while spam-dodging/attacking, but with the elven shield 90%BCR build where I mostly stagger and block attacks, I noticed that my blocks weren’t properly blocking, usually from behind.

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