Has anyone else been getting hit through block?

Sorry to post a vague-ish bug here, but I was hoping to get responses from others and see if this is a real bug or just some kinda mistake/perception on my part. It seems since the last patch that I get hit through my block more often - it’s particularly noticeable since I’m using Parry, and sometimes I get hit even when my stamina should be unbreakable (and it’s not by enemies who can deal damage through block, like bosses, most frequently in hordes). And it’s not just with Parry; a friend I’ve been playing with who doesn’t run that is saying the same thing.

Anyway, reach out and comment if this has been happening to you. I don’t have any evidence yet, or even know how to reproduce it, so it’s a bad bug to try and figure out IF it’s actually happening.

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i´ve experienced the same. Often spearrats in hordes, have had full stamina and block sound with animation plays, but still take full unblocked damage. Doesn´t matter if you have parry or not. Often enemies seems affected by ghoststrikes from player.
Some hits could ofc be down to blocking angles which seems to have been narrowed or maybe more correctly made less generous latest patch.

Yep. With our without parry, even when below 30ping.

Been too, even as host…

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If you’re experiencing this issue, please let me know which weapons you’re using.

Ironbreaker bardin with axe and shield. Having 20pHP and 50%thp

Didn’t Go down this run. Get Hit by 2 slaverats with all stamina up blocking.

First Rat Hits the shield second slave both in Front of me Hits me through the shield. And I dropp Dead. Immediatly grimm gone

me kill a clan rat while rescue a mate with handmaiden… and it was not the first time

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