Something is off with block or timed blocks

Gonna start with this is my favorite game and I have well over a thousand hours on it. Been playing legend & cata for well over two years. With the most recent update, there is some sort of issue with block or timed blocks. I have been consistently getting hit THROUGH blocks & timed blocks, even when hosting. I wish I was using Shadowplay yesterday so I had some proof, but I cannot be the only person experiencing this.

In fact, when I got hit through block, when I went down / into the incapacitated state waiting to be picked up, I could still see the stamina shields for block as I was waiting to be picked up.

I am not the only one experiencing this. My regular group of 3 I have played with for years now, they are all having the same issue.

It is all too frustrating to take a considerable amount of extra damage per level because a fundamental game mechanic is not working correctly. Please investigate this issue!

Looks familiar?

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