Attack tracking vs. block

Is attack tracking supposed to let enemies hit you through a block?
if not, please check and fix, if yes, make it known somewhere visible.
It happened several times that I tried to block a attack but still got hit even tho the block was already up. At first I thought that I was just too slow, but since others experience something similar, I’d like you to verify.

Upon further consideration, please verify that attack tracking doesn’t allow enemies hitting/disabling/performing any offensive action anywhere except dodging.

Does it happened to you as a client or a host? If it was as a client it’s most often ping/lag spike related, but if you’re hosting and it happens then it’s entirely different story.

I’m usually a client and I play with ping between 60-70.

Then it’s more likely just lag spikes either on your side or on a host side. I’m almost always hosting and only seen such issue playing as client.

Just try to host a few games to see if it’s happening to you when hosting.

Maybe true but i also have buddies who are noticing the same thing where as before it never was really an issue.

While I understand what you’re talking about, please don’t just brush this off with “yeah, play around the known bugs” argument…

Hey, I’m not saying I’m definitely right and you guys are wrong, I’m just saying that I’ve never experienced such issue hosting, only as a client, also there are a lot more games in lobby browser nowdays, unfortunately not all hosts have good connection.

@Palesz, I’m just trying to help you dude, no offense, but you see, this game is very client-unfriendly from it’s launch, after 1.5 years not caring about this issue I doubt FS will do something to fix it.

If they say that everything works and is fine, but it’s client lag that causes the issue,then they have to make it lag-friendly by tuning down the tracking time or remove it.

There is another way to solve this issue, just make hit-tracking calculate on client’s PC instead of host’s, it solves everything and I know games using such solution, but idk how hard or possible it is to introduce such feature for VT2.

Also, in my opinion, the attack tracking doesn’t fulfill the role they intended for it, so they just as well can remove it and come up with something else…

I don’t play too often as an client so cannot really comment on this but just judging from what they are saying its become not just once in 10 or so games occurrence rather multiple times in a single run sort of thing.
Since our computer and internet specs are pretty much identical to the 1.6 version ones i really cannot believe its just some minor lag spikes conveniently on our side either.

I’ve put this in out tracker, we’ll keep an eye on it and get other bits of feedback as well.

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