Timed blocks

I want to preface this by saying i have like 20 ping on average in general.

It’s very possible I’m missing something regarding timed blocks, but imo, when my block is up before their swing actually connects with me, it should be a block…if not a timed block.

I’ve been playing constantly since release and I continue to have issues with “cheap shots” hitting me through my block even though my weapon is up before their hit connects.

If anybody has any info on this, I’d appreciate it.

Also, specifically today (and I’m not sure why) things are hitting me THROUGH my stamina shields. Basic non-specials. Normally from behind. It’s caused a few downs as I can’t defend myself apparently.

Also bosses are hitting me when I’m to their backleft or backright (like troll / stormfiend) Any chance on tuning their swings to not somehow reach behind them at a 160-170 degree angle?

I get the one mission boss with the huge polearm (even though i dislike him too) because that’s a huge weapon. But basic mini bosses animations do NOT show their attack range to extend to behind them.

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