Any news on push bug?

The most annoying gameplay bug, present since game release, which makes it so that about 10%-20% of your push attacks simply do not work.

Any news on this one?

My pushes always work but the followup attacks kind of don’t did you mean those?

Yes, that’s what I call push-attacks - attacks that come after a push (if you keep holding block).

Has it been submitted as a bug report…? This is the first I’ve heard of it on here.

I’ve seen it happen with some weapons like 2h / exe swords, but pretty rare and I wasn’t sure if I got hit or let go of block too soon or something. Some weapons it never happens. For example elven spear, when I use that I push-stab spam all day long and it works every time.

I get this bug on every weapon. I assume it was reported and not just once - too big of a bug to miss.

Also jamming depends on your playstyle/attack pattern. If you chain pushes they will not break. But each regular attack has a chance to “jam” your next push attack. The jam last indefinitely - until you make a push attack. Blocking attacks might also jam your weapon - but I am not sure.

So if you only push-attack or charge attack with spear - you might almost completely avoid this bug.

Do you mean that your attack, for example the heavy swing of 1 handed hammer, will not connect after a push attack? I’ve noticed this today on bardin. It was like the enemies were ghosts, attacks just phased right through them…

which weapons are u experiencing this on? i’ve not had problems with push attacks so far, but then again i only use my favourite weapons, i hardly use others that i dislike.

I’ve not noticed this occurring, can it be easily replicated?

Do you need to have an enemy, or can you just test it in the keep?
What are the visual effects, does the attack swing and do nothing, or does it not swing at all?

I’ve been playing the dwarven 1 handed hammer a lot of late and I’m abusing/overusing the push attack, I have noticed that it’s much slower than I expect, (after playing the elf,) because of this I find I often stop holding push right before the push attack is timed to occur, cancelling the attack…

With the Elven Dual daggers it’s so fast I have a hard time not doing the push attack…

I recently started to play whc and as you can see this is a rather big issue for him but I don’t really think that the followup attacks failed but for some reason they have insufficient range.

That’s quite true, many weapons’ pushes put the enemies out of immediate attack reach, especially when the push-attack comes fast enough for the enemies to not have any time to recover. Kinda problematic on the new Sword&Shield sometimes.

What Nik described sounds like a different issue though, and one I haven’t encountered.

The thing is normal rapier attacks have no problem reaching enemies after the push but the follow up seems to have extremely sort range.

I can replicate it in the keep.

Video from Haxorzist has the visuals. I might add one too, but in short there is no swing at all.

I’m not familiar with the rapier push attack I’ll try it out in the keep, I’m having trouble seeing much missing in that video the hyper-density his fighting is chaining too much together for me to easily tell what is going on. (I’ll take a closer look from home.)

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