Pushing still feels useless as you cannot seamlessly chain into attacks after it. I had the same criticism in the Closed Beta. What use is there for me to push if am then staggered for the same amount of time as my enemy.

You can chain attach after push (push attack) by holding down LMB. The issue is that it takes almost as long as pushing, and then throwing a normal attack (at least with the weapons I tried). They should speed it up greatly, like in VT2.

thats true pushing and HOLDING the attack button chains a unique attack for each weapon some weapons rotation are pretty much just doing that atleast on vermentide 2, still pushin mechanic only is useful for hordes in darktides because going melee is kinda not so good right now

however something im gonna say about pushing is that it haves more range then before i swear i can be mid range of a enemy and do a push and somehow the enemy gets push ??? i don’t know if a latency issue or not but it certenly happen to me quite a few times

That is of course correct - I should have been more specific. I know that you can go into a push stab starting from a push. I am specifically talking about not being able to quickly chain light and heavy attacks after a normal push. For instance creating space with push and then quickly weaving in an attack is at best really clunky and at worst straight up impossible in its current state.