Elites (SV/CW/Mauler) pushing breaking block

This seems new? I’m guessing it’s intentional?
Have you guys had this prior to 1.1 because I’m not used to suddenly eating 3 hits from trash when an SV decides to chainpush me 3 times in a row xD It makes fighting them a lot different for me as I’m not used to it

If it were intentional I don’t think I’d mind so much but since it’s undocumented it’s something new to learn for me

Depends on the weapon and range. If you stay close to them and keep hitting, they’re very likely to start pushing you over and over again, unless you have high stagger of course. This is especially annoying when using 1h sword or falchion, since only your 3rd attack deals armor piercing damage on both, but half of the time you can’t finish the combo, cause you get pushed.

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Yea, see this isn’t so much about the pushing as much as having block up, getting pushed and trash mobs getting hits in through your block. It’s especially jarring on the dual-daggers since they’re so clutch in their use during more tense fights, I saw myself going from average 120-200 dmg taken to 600 when it started occuring whereas I haven’t changed the way I fight at all - have you noticed a similar thing?

I’ve been mostly running high stagger weapons, hit n run weapons or used ranged since 1.0.5, so my past experience is irrelevant. But since 1.1 I used Falchion a couple of times for testing purposes, and immediately noticed this. I remember similar things back in release days, but I have no clue if that was that intense = I was too bad back then to notice such things.

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Alright, thanks for your time anyway! I’ll just adjust my playstyle for now

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