Constantly hit through block

Friendly fire triggering IB’s Gromil trait is very annoying…

In my opinion, Fatshark should increase the dodge window. Not necessarily to pre-2.0 levels, but more than currently. When you factor in even moderate latency, the dodge window is practically non-existent when reacting to a specific attack, it’s mostly just luck. Instead I think they should increase the delays between dodges, so that each dodge is a powerful action, but you can’t just spam it and be invincible 100% of the time.

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Just going to toss out a question related to this, since I don’t want to create a separate thread:

As we all know, attack hitting you “through” block is sometimes caused by having a high ping, like many things in this game. Everything from looting items, shooting rats and whatnot. What I am struggling to understand is why aren’t these things just handled client side, considering you are only fighting npc’s either way, so they can’t feel “cheated” by lag. Really makes no sense to me. Anyone with the knowledge care to elaborate?

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Most likely cause the host is the server, his CPU determines where enemies are and where they will walk/attack.

I don’t have an exact answer, but it’s not the easiest trick to make a system that allows for multiple clients to have major decisive power while still looking consistent without teleports etc. Maybe clients having control over units aggroed to them would be the simplest that I can think.

Plus, changing to a system like that now when the codebase is already oldish & not that flexible would be a huge job.

A way simpler way would be to do all damage & stamina calculations client side (including clients running all the weapon sweep calculations for enemies too). Whether to also let clients locally apply other things like enemy stagger is another thing, as it would lead to more visible sync issues. (Plus other areas like buffs of which some are server side some client)

Then again, that would introduce a new issue where you’d effectively be playing against a lagged view to the game world, and thus have an advantage compared to playing as host. The larger the ping the better for you. Only clients having authority over enemy movement would make it fair & lag free.

As far as I know / have understood it correctly, the only thing that works anything close to clients having authority over enemies are projectile impacts. Projectiles are checked on the client side and that causes some quite large enemy teleports / physics going goofy especially on fast enemies like zerkers. Client shoots a running one (not in attack animation yet) and suddenly everyone else can see the corpse flying at mach 1 and from a completely different place to where you thought it was. I am happy it is like that as otherwise shooting anything that moves would be hard, and near impossible against flying assassins. The server does not look back and adjust the present to compensate for lag, thus it is possible to get assassin pounce damage despite you pushing it and saving yourself. The order of events happening and making sense doesn’t matter, the host notifies you about being pounced, gets the info that you pushed the assassin afterwards, and let’s you then know you are free but will not say “sorry about the damage, I’ll take it back”.

What comes to the original topic, hits coming through block, I have experienced it as a client plenty of times now and I have low hours on WoM. Pre-WoM I did not experience this, not much at least.

It seems to be very weapon specific. Fast block anim weapons like Sword & Dagger work fine, but slower ones have issues. Though, even a relatively fast to block Axe & Falchion have had this happen on me on 60-100 in game ping number.

I feel this may be mostly ping related, but there is another new issue that may be contributing. Enemy attack animations are sometimes way out of sync. I can receive damage from a enemy attack that has barely started. What I’m saying it could be I’m receiving damage from something completely different than what I thought I was blocking, damage from an earlier attack that despite the lowish ping (unless it is spiking hard after WoM release) is being reported from the host only way after it happened or kept in some local queue for some odd reason. When I get damage through block I don’t lose the shield icons.


So since I can’t really find an enjoyable slayer build right now and clearly fatshark feel ranger vetern should just be bad at everything the other ranged classes are good at I thought I’d try IB.

Yeha why even have a shield if you can be hit through it and take damage while you still have stamina that isn’t being eaten when it happens. Shields just sometimes don’t work, sometimes parry works and I’ll see an ungor hit through my shield. Its just oof.

I had thought it simply my skill and the new changes but with IB basically shielding all the time its really noticeable. They just hit you no recoil no shield tap nothing. I am generally host.

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